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  1. I'll start on both of them today. Thanks very much for your advice dx. It's really helped
  2. Should I put in for the PPI reclaim first before I do the CCA (or will it not matter since the debts are now with collection agencies and I would be claiming from the original company?) or can I just send both at the same time?
  3. Hi Dx, If I don't hear anything back after I've sent off the CCA, does that mean they can't enforce the debt on me? i.e. the agreement with them no longer exists and I may not have to pay it? I'm guessing that once I hear back from them with the original agreement then I send in my F&F letters and try and negotiate, but what if they can't find my agreement, does that mean my credit agreement with them is no longer valid? and I may not have to pay it?
  4. Thanks very much dx. So that would mean that no matter whether I pay the debt or not, it will disappear 6 years from the last default date? Even if other parts of the record have been updated? The debts have already been sold on to collection agencies and they are all credit card debts. I see what you mean about paying not making any difference to my report, I was hoping that if I settled them then at least I could work on rebuilding my report so I could apply for credit earlier but I'm guessing I'll struggle to qualify for any credit until the defaults have droppe
  5. Hi Conniff, Thank you for your reply. There are 4 separate creditors and the last payment for all of them was around January 2011. Thanks for the advice re. full and final, I will make sure to add this clause into my letter
  6. Hi, Wondering if anyone can help me. Due to some unfortunate circumstances many years ago, I got into around £8000 worth of debt. I am still owing this money and really want to get it sorted as it has had a big effect on my life. A family member has offered to pay £2000 towards the debt for a full and final agreement. I would really like to get a mortgage at some point in the future and am pinning my hopes on having a better credit report in 4 years time (once the date of my last default, Feb 2012, falls off the report due to its age - the debts themselves are fr
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