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  1. Hi guys, I had my sickness review meeting today and just wanted to update you all. The outcome of the meeting was that my absence is having an effect on the team and that from now on my sickness will be monitored. My manager more or less then told me that I really need to think about applying for a different job because he doesn't think I enjoy or care about my work. He really wanted to push me into a corner and was provoking me so much with the intention of getting me to resign. Getting sick is obviously not allowed in my workplace. I almost broke down because he kept interrogating me about my life and why it is I have been off sick and what triggered. He doesn't believe how much work has affected me. I can honestly say it was the worst moment of my life. I am now even more depressed because I know for sure he doesn't like me. I keep asking myself whether I should hand in my notice or grind my teeth and just bear it. There's nothing worse than knowing that your manager wants you out and will probably try everything to get me to leave it
  2. Thank you for your very helpful responses. I think I need to swallow my pride and just try to be open about how I've been feeling. My worry is that management will judge me due to my ill health and that they will think I won't be capable of performing my job. Oh well, I suppose whatever's meant to happen will happen.
  3. Hi guys, I have a sickness review meeting in 2 weeks with work because I have been off sick for a couple of weeks. I have been suffering with anxiety and depression but have always kept this to myself. I called my manager and he told me he wants to discuss my sickness, what caused it and how long I've been feeling unwell. I am now worried I have to discuss my personal issues with work and be judged. The last thing I want my boss to know is about my personal life. Will they ask me for full details of my sickness and what caused it ? How much detail of my sickness do I have to discuss or disclose ? I'm so upset because I feel there's no such thing as privacy and work might use this against me to make me look incompetent and as if I'm not able to perform my job. Thank you for your advice.
  4. Hi guys, Thank you for your advice on this matter, much appreciated. Unfortunately I don't feel comfortable talking to the senior manager so will now join the union. My manager is obviously being insensitive towards my situation. I suppose I was hesitant about having depression on my work file but seems like I don't have a choice. Liyanne
  5. Hi, I have been signed off work with anxiety and depression for a month. My manager keeps calling and asking me how I'm feeling. He now wants to meet with me to discuss my sickness. I find it very difficult to talk about my problems and have a feeling he just wants me back to work as soon as possible. I do not feel ready to go back to work yet and my doctor has advised me to take some time to get better hence why he signed me off for a month. My question is, can my manager force me to come back to work before the end of my sick note ? Will it look bad if I say I'd rather not come back to work until the end of my sick note?. Also when discussing my illness, can I just say I don't want to talk about it or do I have to have a through discussion?. I am a very private person and don't feel comfortable talking about my life with people, especially work. I have not had a sick day for the last 5 years and am just so worried. Any advice would be very well appreciated, thank you. Liyanne
  6. Thank you estellyn. I really hope they send her the overpayment letter soon so that she can move on. She sits at home worrying to death about what the DWP will say bext. Any idea how long it usually takes to hear back once compliance interview has taken place ?
  7. Thank you Antone. Only 2 questions were asked at the interview: 1) did she have £8000 in her bank account when she claimed, YES. and 2) why did she not mention this ? She apologised for her ignorance and said she completely forgot and did not even think it was relevant. She was then asked to provide statements and told a letter will arrive from overpayments team soon. The interview lasted under 10 minutes. She went to the law centre this week and asked if she should inform housing benefit regarding the compliance interview and also give her bank statements. She was advised not to contact HB as they would then start investigating her and more trouble will follow. She was advised that as she is no longer claiming any benefits ( she started work and cancelled all her benefit claims prior to compliance interview ), the HB section would not have much interest in her. I can't help but worry. If there's a JSA overpayment, doesn't that also create a HB overpayment? I obviously don't want to advise her against a solicitor's advice but am confused. The solicitor even mentioned the case of a man he dealt with who had about a £10k overpayment of Income Support but was never contacted by housing benefits. What do you guys think?. Thank you so much.
  8. Thank you all for the great advice. Vinny - I have read the links about appointing POA, very useful, thank you. My sister has now provided all the information that was asked of her such as bank statements etc to the compliance officer. What will happen next ?. She was advised the statements will be sent to the overpayment section and she will receive a letter stating how much she has to repay. Is this the usual process ?. Who decides what happens / outcome? She is still worried sick and is hardly eating or sleeping. She has even exceeded her anti depressant dosage on a number of occasions. She thinks the compliance officer is lying to her and will pass her case to fraud section rather than the overpayment section. I truly hope this situation is resolved, I feel so sorry for her As always, your help is very much appreciated. Thank you.
  9. Thanks. Will definitely advise her. It's quite sad that her mental health is deteriorating at such a young age and I have to keep telling her what's best given the situation she's in.
  10. Thank you all for the very useful advice. My sister is no longer on benefits so I hope things get sorted soon. She suffers from depression and I'm thinking of contacting MIND for Is it true that DWP are more lenient on overpayments relating to previous claims rather than those that are flagged up whilst the claimant is still on benefits ?
  11. Thanks for responding, much appreciated. I think her savings could possibly be about £8k. Is it normal practice for DWP to look into previous claimants who are no longer on benefits ? I can't help but worry she will be taken to court if she does not comply with requests. The sad thing is, she is convinced DWP will just close the case if she gives them a cheque covering the amount of all benefits she's ever received. She has already applied for a bank loan to cover this!
  12. Hi all, My sister attended her interview today with he DWP compliance officer. They wanted to see her because she negligently failed to inform them of her savings when she claimed benefits. I honestly think she's losing her mind because she keeps forgetting things and lands herself in trouble. She has zero understanding of the benefit rules (I'm no expert) and never knew how much savings or capital one is allowed to have before qualifying for benefits. She has worked her whole life apart from this 16 months. Anyway, the DWP want full bank statements during the period she was on benefits, theres's definitely been an overpayment. She claimed for around 16 months. She's now told me she will refuse to bring bank statements and will voluntarily offer to repay all the benefits she's received. Is this even possible ? She is now working and just wants to get on with life. She's worried they will take her to court so she just want to repay everything rather than stress. What do you guys think? Can she just offer to repay everything to make the DWP go away? She doesn't know the full amount but given her high rent , income support etc, I'm assuming it's around £17K. The whole family is stressing about this as we are worried about her wellbeing. Many thanks for any imput.
  13. Thank you. I hope I can reassure my sister with this info.
  14. Thanks for your responses. What if they accuse her of fraud ? I heard this happens quite a lot in cases of undeclared capital etc.
  15. Thanks for the advice. I have taken the day off work and will go with her to the interview. Thinking of worst scenario, if she admits guilt and offers immediate repayment, will DWP take mitigating circumstances into account such as her mental health and the fact that she has a disabled child ? She's worried about prison and is even thinking about quitting work because she's worried she will be sacked. Please help, thank you so much for any input.
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