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  1. Wow after 6 months silence, I get 2 letters today off the DVLA, thats 3 in 4 days, although they are identical... they want my driving licence to stick the 6 points on !!! I'm happy I'm not up to date with my shredding, I just found the reminder letter... last line says "Please disregard this letter if you have already complied with our request for information"... which I did, so it shouldnt be a problem with me not responding to that then.
  2. I've just sent them a letter back... giving them the full details of whats happened over the last 7 months... and yes, also stating it was me driving... I sent it recorded delivery this time too !!! So I'll see what happens... I'm fearing the worse though.
  3. I had sent the form off before I got the reminder though... and that was 5 months ago, so I've now been penalised for a clerical error... and I aint got a leg to stand on.
  4. It was a matter of 48hrs later... so obviously they'd just passed each other in the post.
  5. Hi all, I need a bit of help... I was caught doing 37 in a 30 zone... my car, only I'm insured to drive it... and I have openly admitted... it was me !!! I've never had a driving offence before, not even a parking ticket, not bad as I'm in my late 40's ;o( I received the letter to identify the driver... I filled it in but I couldnt read my number on my driving licence... so that took me about a week to get that... so when the form was complete, I sent it off. Two days later, I get the same form saying you havent filled this in... so I thought well I have and the 2 letters just passed in the post. It then goes quiet... nothing. This morning, 6 months after the offence... I get a "Fail to give information relating to the identification of the driver / rider of a vehicle when required" letter from the "Clerk to the Justices"... accompanied by a £745 fine & 6 points. But I admitted it was me... as I wanted to do the speed awareness course... so what can I do now??? As I think I'm shafted, I aint got a hope of proving that I did send it off as the police will just say they didnt get anything from me. It'll be my word against theirs. Anyone else been thru anything similar ???
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