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  1. Is there any legal civil solicitors in Birmingham anyone can recommend me urgently I have been to CAB today could.nt get a advisor to speak with
  2. yes it was registered at no.67 on v5 i was given the the letter by my tennets who were living at 67 i told armstrong this although vehicle is register at 67 my resident address is no.42 why were;nt this passed on to the court by WS CLAIMENT The claiment WS denied having my address no42 at the hearing yet i have letters sent by WS me at no.42 in 2014
  3. DX100UK thanks for sorting these out can you please advise me did you have a read through them thanks
  4. I had tennets in no67 I wasn.t given the court papers by the tennets if these summons sent there I told Armstrong sol this when I spoke to him my residential address 42no so they still can send the letters to no67 why did they not send the paperto no42
  5. i have never lived at 67 although WS still sent the letters and court summons there i can prove this i got my medical letter dating back to 1998 up until now and work pay slips dated before 2010 benefit letters all at my residential address 42 i lived there for 34yrs how can they claim i lived at 67 the 2 witnesses statement i got aswell the PT was very unprofessional at the county court in filling the set aside i was telling her i need to show proof of address and witnesses statements but she said this will be fine i now think i should have come here first but i went to county court in birimingham
  6. hi i have also attach the letter sent to my real address 42 and they still claimed they never had my details at the hearing im very ill right at this moment alot of back pain and stressed out please im trying my best i will upload the set aside too later i also would point out i never spoke to gemma roberts or pc townhill who they claim in the statement surely they should have a statement from the police officer to prove this when he attend to speak with me about RTA claim its all falsely made up 100% by the claiment i can 100% say this i never acknowledgement of service in 26 may 2011 which claiment say it has been filed in received i did not send any signed paper at all i only spoke to armstrong solicitors and no one else up until 10th april 2014 i got to know of this ccj existance on 10th april 2014 i even can provided a mobile call bill which i made a to call to weighmans on at 10th april 2014 8 miniutes duration i never send any letter or signed any documents statements at all i want to purse this and defend has i have 2 witnesses to defend this false claim
  7. hi i point the statement out on page 4 its been changed different hand writting
  8. i new to this forum whats documents i need to attach please ccj judgemeny front page only or the whole file do i need to attach claiment witness statement too
  9. i have got 2 witnesses residents 65 and 69 who can give a witness statement that third party vehicle was speeding on the day of the accident and lost control of his vehicle and collided with the lamp post which was oppsite side of the property 67 he then spun off he did not even stop at all This was what i was told by them and it was my defence i got to know this in 2010 they can also state i never lived at that property if i speak with them now and possibly get them to come court with me do you think i need to send their statements when i appeal this set aside judgement
  10. hi can you please advise me which form do i need to appeal set aside ? why is it i can't do another application to set aside ccj ?
  11. need to act quickly please can you advise me on this i have got a copy of the files and ccj requested from weightmans solicitors LLP i also got a letter from weightmans solicitors LLP address to my real address 42 only 1 letter i did not take it to court on 5th yet the claimant still denied that they had my real address when the judge asked them
  12. hi ok all i know is as follow in may 2008 a letter from a ARMSTRONG SOLICITORS received at my tenants address 67 it was given to me i called them the person i spoke to them letter was under my name at my property 67 it had an RTA details saying i reversed off a driveway and hit into the driver side of thrid party i explained that i was never involved in a RTA also i pointed out the statement that if i allegedly did come out i could;nt have hit his side as he was driving along the left side and the property 67 is on the left side i would have damaged the passenger side instead of drivers side , he confirmed this correct i also told them never lived at this address if they need to contact me i was at 42 my only address ( 67 42 same road) now in 10th april 2014 i had a call from my new tenants that someone came from weightmans solicitors LLP on behalf of MIB asking for me and left a contact number i called them on the same day they said that a CCJ was issued to you in august 2013 from liverpool high court why was'nt i contacted at 42 and i have no courts summons or claim form or ccj i denied the RTA and told her what i said in 2008 they replied - we need you to pay the debt and when will i make the payment you live at that address 67 i told her i don;t have any sort of letters from you or the courts i never lived at 67 requested her to send me document which they hold cliam letters and ccj on june 6th 2014 i sent a set aside application from the county court birmingham i had a hearing on the 5th august 2014 at liverpool county court i explained to the judge that it was a fraudulent in 2008 and i spoke to ARMSTRONG SOLICITORS all i thought was its was quitted i only come to know the ccj in 10th april 2014 i was never aware of this before that time the judge read the claiment statement i told them i will put in a defence in 2011 statement the claimant are saying this i denied this is all wrong i explaned to the judge i never knew anything about this until april 2014 the judge never believed this and dismissed the case with further cost i did'nt take any tenacy agreement of the tenants who lived there at the time of all this claiming was happening i told the judge i was injured since 2010 for their records due to a accident at work in 2010 and im in alot of pain having medication right now physio its been 4 yrs since i have been ill and i never lived at that 67 address i only own the property which had tenants in there up until now aswell this is all i know about this claim against me
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