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  1. i'm wondering about my next steps. My boyfriend's brother has agreed with us he'll pay - but the bailiff only has the debt down in my boyfriends name. Will the bailiffs accept another person paying an installment plan and then stop the visits? As there have been three visits already I don't want my BIL to contact them and reawaken the visits, as I think they may have stopped for the foreseeable future and it may be returned to the council (after 12 months?) He is reluctant to approach the council directly as he owes a LOT of council tax for different years and addresses and he fears that this will cause a flood of bailiffs to attend his address. This would be bad as he lives with my elderly mother in law too. His tactic is to ignore visits and letters, whereas we want to be debt free. Should we sit tight, keep quiet and have proof of ownership documents ready, or should my brother in law offer a payment plan? If it makes a difference the way my car is parked means I don't think a tow truck could get at it. Thanks
  2. Hi, Okay thanks, looks like the car issue is sorted. Just want to recap to get things straight: The original debt is a council tax debt with three people liable for it. However, my boyfriend is the only one who has been receiving bailiff letters and visits. Can one of the others on the original debt call to arrange a payment plan? If that's possible, would that stop him being pursued? If I need to start a new thread on this please let me know. Cheers
  3. Trust is okay as we are getting married next month lol. I will pay for the car via a BACS from my account, and that will show on the receipt. However it is not an option to keep his name off the insurance unfortunately. I hope this won't make too much difference as the invoice, receipt and v5 will be in my name. I think I would be within my rights to refuse to show them a copy of the policy schedule? Or can they see this information anyway? Do you know if they will stop visiting though when a payment plan is set up?
  4. Hi, Right now we've just put a deposit down. My name is on the invoice and will be on the receipt once we complete the transaction; and my name will go on the V5. So I will be both the owner and RK. However as this is a gift to me, the money will be coming from his bank account. As an extra pre-caution we might transfer the money to my account so it shows on my statement - unless this really is unnecessary? And we are also planning on splitting costs like fuel and maintainance. And he will be the policyholder on the insurance. I'm just worried that the bailiffs will assume that it's his car, or at least (due to the issues above) that it's jointly owned. I'd rather avoid them taking it then have to prove it's mine when it's gone! Thank you for all your help.
  5. Hi, My boyfriend has contacted the council and they've sent him a copy of his account. They did say it was with the bailiffs now, and they wouldn't take payment, but at that time he wasn't very insistent to pay he just wanted info about it. Shame about the fees - I think I remember that whenever he moves, the fees on the letters reset to £0 (or just £75, can't remember) so was hoping it would be the same if his brother tried to pay. For the record, my boyfriend has only recently wanted to (and been in a position to) get on the straight and narrow, hence this 'history'. His brother hasn't been in contact with the council yet. We were waiting on some advice re the car before he contacts them in case it prompts a bailiff visit to my house! I saw a good post where the council insisted the debt is now with the bailiff, but it boiled down to saying, "So you don't want to take payment off me?" and then the council did take payment... However I don't think this would work with a payment plan, only the sum in full? What advantage would there be to paying the council directly? I assume this would guarantee safety for my car. Thanks!
  6. Hi, Thanks for the speedy reply! I'm curious about the bailiffs handing it back to the council. Will they not accept the £3.50/week? It's not that he could afford much more. How long would that process take? And does that then mean they don't collect fees? Thanks again
  7. Hi all, My boyfriend lived in a shared house in 2008/2009 for which there is a £900 council tax debt. His 'share' was paid by CT benefit/reduction, but I understand he's jointly and severally liable for it. We've contacted his brother (who was a tenant with him) who's willing to pay £3.50/week to the bailiffs for this debt. He's currently on JSA and he's had no contact with the bailiffs yet. We've had letters & visits from bailiffs (Excel) but not communicated with them or let them in. Last letter we received was hand-delivered at end of Feb saying they'll return on 04/03 - but nothing so far. I've recently bought a car and my question is: if his brother (who doesn't live with us) makes a payment plan - will the bailiffs stop visiting us? Or can they accept the payment plan from him, but still take my car too? And are the £310 fees enforceable as they have only visited our address, and not his? The receipt/invoice and V5 are both in my name and I am nothing to do with this CT debt, if this makes a difference to my car's safety... Thanks, Gemma EDIT: It has just occured to me that although the V5 and receipt are in my name, the car was a gift to me so the money will be coming from my boyfriend's bank account. If I need to prove ownership, will the former two documents be sufficient - or will the bailiff need to see a bank statement? And if so will that be enough for them to take the car on the grounds it is jointly owned? Apologies if I am sounding paranoid or jumping the gun...
  8. We did sign in the end. We emailed them asking for the £35 and then they gave us that. The £38 (which was never our money as such in the first place) was waived. Now when the cheques clear, we will discontinue it. Thanks to all who helped.
  9. Yes I have filed for the full amount. If I accept the cheque, will I have to update the amount I'm claiming for with the court to show the part payment has been received? I also imagine I'll have to sign saying I'll discontinue court proceedings. What would be the best approach in that case? I'd rather have the cheque and get the rest in court rather than have the whole sum depending on the outcome of court verdict.
  10. Hello. Yes I think in the early stages of it I did ask the housing benefit department. They said the couldn't do anything and to take it up with the landlord. I have also spoken to Housing Options who say their Tenancy Relations Officer only deals with current tenancies.
  11. Hello all, I have filed a MCOL against my old landlord for four weeks' rent. I was claiming HB, then began full time work, and thus became entitled to a HB run on payment. I have proof from the council that this was paid to the landlord, albeit after I paid my last rent. So, because I was up to date on the rent to the day that I left, and he also received 4 weeks' housing benefit run on, he was effectively paid twice for the same month's rent. This has been going on now for a year. I have sent over a dozen calls/letters/emails and received either no response or 'I'll call you back' (never did). Only when receiving the court documents did they actually phone me up and say there was a cheque for the original amount *roll eyes* However, I calculated the interest owed and it's £38. Plus I have already paid £35 in fees. All the stress that this has caused me makes me unwilling to give up (potentially) £73. But then if it goes to court, I could get nothing and have paid even more! So, what would happen if I accept the cheque now but carry on court proceedings for the remaining £73? Is there a way to ammend it to show I've received partial payment of the debt? I have got in writing from them that they have the cheque for the original amount. Would this count in court as admission of guilt evidence? And would a court take into account that they have prolonged this process and never once offered to settle it, even though we have provided them with evidence months ago? Obviously I know I have done this in the wrong order, but now I am panicking I don't have a valid claim. Does anyone have any insight into the likelihood of my claim being awarded? Also, I assume when I pick up the cheque they'll want me to sign to say that upon receipt of this cheque, I'll discontinue court proceedings. What should I do then? I've tried the Property Ombudsman but they are not TRO listed. All your help would be much appreciated! Thank you!
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