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  1. Thank you. So the DCA doesn't report against your credit record?
  2. Hi Thanks for your reply. I won't be writing again but it states they may pass my data to closed user groups for employment screening as well as other crime initiatives. I have regular crb checks for my job so this was a worry, almost as much as the worry about a DCA putting something/search on my credit file.
  3. THE LETTER.... We are instructed to notify you that you are not to return to our clients premises for the next 1 year. If you do you will be a trespasser and maybe liable for arrest and further criminal action. It is alleged that you were involved in a wrongful act and your actions caused significant disruption to the clients business at those premises. Our Clients lossed include the value of the goods, if not recovered or fit for resale , the cost of security and store personnels time who were diverted from there duties for which they are engaged and paid, plus administration security costs. The law provides the recovery of these losses and makes no distinction between profit generating personal and profit protecting security personal who are equal value to the business. Collectively a substantial amount of time was incurred as a result of your actions such as observing, apprehending, interviewing you, and undertaking all necessary internal and external procedures thereafter. Before instigating a civil claim, which is entirely separate from any police action or criminal proceedings, we invite you to advise us if there are any facts or circumstances surrounding the incident that led to your involvement in the incident that you would like us to take in to account. If you believe you may have a defence, or if there any other circumstances which led to your involvement in the incident, you need to inform us within 14days and provide any evidence in support of your representations. Any information you provide will be evaluated in order to make decision as to whether it is appropriate to seek the cost of your actions ( the disruption ) from you. You will appreciate we can only take into consideration information if it is provided . If we do not receive any information or evidence from you, the information our client has provided will be relied upon, and a claim will proceed. The actual cost of dealing with your actions is considerable . The average cost to our client of an incident of this nature is between £300 and £500, before taking into account the value of losses for any goods not recovered or not fit for resale. Although our client is legally entitled to claim its full costs and losses, our client proposes to seek only a contribution towards the costs of dealing with the incident, which it considers is sufficient to deter you from involvement in further such incidents. Provided our client does not seek to recover in excess of its losses, such losses are recoverable in law. A total sum of £150 ( including any goods if they were not fit for resale ) therefore required to settle this claim. The procedure for this claim is set out in the practice direction for pre-action conduct and Civil Procedure rules 1998. You are required to respond within 14days. If we receive no response, our client would be entitled to issue proceedings for the fuul value of the claim. We summarise your options . if there are factors that you wish to be taken into account you must advise within 14days . if there are any considering factors, settle the claim by paying the amount stated £150 ( see enclosed sheet) .if you wish to settle the claim,but cannot do within 14days, contact us to discuss payment options. . Negotiate an alternative settlement by conducting our collections department. . Advise that you require more time to take advice and consider your position. We will put this matter on hold to allow you the full 14days to respond. Yours Sincerely RLP
  4. Hi I'm hoping someone can put my mind at rest. I was accused of shoplifting from tkmaxx a short time ago after I accidentally left the store still holding an item due to being harassed with kids and thinking of other things I had to buy whilst out and about. I was approached in the store next door buying groceries and was still holding the item in my hand with my handbag, ( I'd been holding it so long I completely forgot I had hold of it). I followed the security man back to the store of my own free will and offered to pay for the item but they refused. Once in store, I was spoken to like a piece of **** , when I in fact hold a very good good in the public sector and pay for everything I own. They called the police who were there 5 minutes and were happy to let me go without any further action whatsoever. I received a letter asking me for over £180 and giving me a chance to state my side of events. I wrote back explaining it was genuine human error and that I would have been straight back anyway as soon as I'd realised as I'm an honest person. I sent it recorded delivery too. I then got another letter stating they have a different version if events and will only accept a small reduction to £150. By this point I had found this forum and just ignored it. A few days ago I receive another letter saying I have never responded and they won't go away . Then the day after, I got another saying they will share my private data with companies which will affect my crb record etc. can they do this legally? The police were happy to leave it. Can I deny them the right to use my data in hhis way? Also, if I continue to ignore them and the DCA get involved, how does this affect my credit rating? I have an excellent credit record and don't want searches and entries from a DCA on my record as we are looking to buy a bigger home next year.?
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