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  1. This is hire purchase I will dig out the aggrement and have a look
  2. the only information I can give you I did all the wright thing LBA then money claim online.They didn`t reply at all so carried on with te action and sent in the ballifs but have heard nothing since that was put into action on 30th april just been told by the court that it is being dealt with by a court local to Lloyds HQ.
  3. went through all the normal process got as far as sending the ballifs in that was 30th april anybody know what happens next.
  4. just a quick general inquiry I have a car on finance and it is worth less than I owe Iv`e heard I can hand it back to the finance company when i have paid back a certain amount,if so how much do i have to pay before handing it back and does it affect my credit rating.
  5. Due in court on 7th February received a letter today from abbey offering to settle in full with interest and court fees £4375.02 awaiting cheque and to clear it before contacting court. So anybody thinking of giving up dont.
  6. Have my court date on the 7th February got everything ready, sent Abbey and the court copies but have received none from Abbey, as its now under 14 days does it mean ther in breach of court rules.
  7. Got a court date for 7th February what documents do I need to send to court and abbey.
  8. Just received the Q&A from court
  9. Do I now let the court know that I have received a offer how do I word the Q&A form for the bank
  10. Had £150.00 refunded excepted it but told them I would go to court for the full amount which I have done on 9th September. Received a letter today from DLA PIPER Lawyers ofering 50% which works out £1994.94 including court fee. This where I need help what do I do not looking forward to going to court.
  11. can anyone help what is the schedule of charges is it the spread sheet if so do I send this with the interest with first letter. any help is better than none
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