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  1. Sent everything today, separately and recorded, sorted everything at the bank, so hoping that is the end if it. Funnily enough, I've finally had a reply from 'both' companies, exact same email from the exact same person. Stating that many customers misunderstand, I can use as much of the product as I'd like within the trial period apparently, and they don't have to receive it in the 14 days as long as it is sent within the 14 days. Oh and then offered to let me keep the products at half the price! Yeah ok! The reply only came after I emailed them a few times, also mentioning legal action
  2. Hi, Thanks again. I'm just writing my letter now ready to send back, then off to the bank. I'm sending both items separately even though it's the same address, as I feels they may use that against me if not. Sorry to be a pain, but can I ask your advice, are you sending the parcel and letter separately or together? I'm sending recorded anyway, I'm just worried that they will not acknowledge receipt of the letter if it's with the product.
  3. Did you also get the beautemer product at the same time? I was just wondering, as I have a feeling that I'll need to return that to a different address. Can I ask, where did you find the address for the stemologica return as that may help me locate the address for this one too. Although they came together in the same package, with the same set up on the website.
  4. I am in the 14 days, and will do so, I'm going in to the bank tomorrow to speak to the manager as she is a friend of a friend and I know she will help. Thank you so much for the information, and I'm trying not to get mad. Hopefully I will learn from this, and not lose any money. I hope you also get sorted, and thank you for this post, as if it wasn't for you I'd still be oblivious. When I searched google this is the only negative that flagged up, everything else was saying how great it is, i only registered to this site (after reading the terms and cond
  5. Hi, I'm so annoyed with myself as I ALWAYS read small print, and never usually give my card details without doing so, but for some reason, late one night last week I foolishly purchased this set, along with the beau timer set also. It arrived today, to be honest I'd forgot about it. Something nagging inside told me to check it out, and I came across this post. I have just reported my card as lost, hoping this will stop any money coming out until I can get to the bank to talk to them. I, like you am having no success what so ever when trying to cancel o
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