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  1. Hello again, as I said earlier already got back my papers from the DVLA and start working. I already established theory test date. Thank you all for your answer in my case. Good luck Osa12.v
  2. heh ... it was my dream to do everything in 3 months, but as you can see will it last a little longer. Still, do not give up and I'm going to pass the partition and get a new license. Thanks for the answer
  3. Hello, today the same morning I decided to call the DVLA again. It turned out that after 3 months of waiting for a team of doctors decided that I do not have any contraindications to taking a driving license (C + E) and more importantly they have to send me all my documents in a few days. As much as I gasped as I heard it. We'll see how it will be and whether it actually got. Osa12 .
  4. At the beginning I would like to greet everyone on this forum. I also hope that there will be a person who will help me with my problem. Maybe from the beginning ... I decided to invest in yourself and would like to be a professional driver cat. C + E. I found a school that will prepare me for the exam, the doctor also accepted everything, I did additional study eyes (wear glasses). All together with a form to change the license + license sent to the DVLA. I hope I did everything correctly. The problem with waiting for the answer from the DVLA already 3 months and I do not know if this
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