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  1. My surveyor drew up a schedule of works which he sent to 3 builders, one of which was the insurance appointed builder. The bids from the 2 builders chosen by me came in at a very similar price. The insurance company builder came in at 50 per cent less than them. This difference equates to 10k in money terms. The insurance will only pay on the lowest bid, but I feel the insurance builder is too low and does not reflect market rates. I do not feel my surveyor (who is appointed by me but paid by the insurance company) is working in my best interest because he has not challenged the low quot
  2. Yes I am trying to claim accommodation expenses after the flood has happened in order to manage the work that needs to be done. I don't understand how one interprets the exclusions you mention, just from the brief paragraph I re-printed above. This is not an accusation just trying to understand how this can be interpreted in the way you state.
  3. The holiday home suffered substantial damage and requires major re-instatement work. I need to be there to allow the builders to carry out the work. Since it is uninhabitable what am I supposed to do, where am I supposed to stay? I still don't fully understand your answer with regard to the temporary accommodation.
  4. I am not using my own loss assessor so have muddled through this painful process for the last year. Background: I have a holiday home and therefore holiday home insurance and last summer my home suffered an escape of water causing considerable amount of damage which affected most of the rooms in the house. I have appointed my own surveyor who has drawn up a Schedule of Works and we have received bids and are now awaiting for commencement of works from the adjuster. The house is uninhabitable and whilst it was being dried, which took 6 weeks, I stayed with a relative. When t
  5. Thank you so much for all your replies they are very helpful indeed. It seems from reading in this forum that the quality of work by insurance builders is questionable. Is there anything I can do to verify the quality of the work of this particular insurance builder. I would never dream of using a builder for this major re-instatement work without checking references. What rights do I have with regard to assessing the insurance builder's competency?
  6. A schedule of works was drawn up by my surveyor and this was given to all the builders that quoted including the insurance company builder. How about the fact that the adjuster saw the bids from my builders before the his builders actually provided a quote. Would there not have been some collusion between the two parties thus ensuring that the insurance builder quote was the lowest? Can I go somewhere with this?
  7. Apologies if this appears more than once as I cannot seem to get the hang of finding the correct section to post to let alone having my post published, so if this appears as a duplicate, my apologies. Hello I have had an incredibly difficult time dealing with the insurance loss adjusters (Davies Group) for my claim. It has been a year now and relates to escape of water in my home. My question is this; the adjuster required me to supply 3 quotes one of which had to be from their own approved builder. Their builder declined to quote, and I nonetheless supplied the 3 quotes to the ad
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