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  1. it may be to replace a battery as samsung only guarantee their tablet battery for 12 months. it may be to replace the usb and charger cable again if they feel that the customer has been misusing or neglecting them and this is why the unit has been away for repair more than once and they have replaced the charger etc already. the store will have a quote from digicare who are the repair agent for samsung, detailing the costs and why they have been charged.
  2. or in a lot of cases, having met some of the partners co workers, they ARE very knowledgable, but simply dont care due to the low wage and expectations of them with targets and KPIs. ask any of them if they'd jump ship to John Lewis and the answer is yes. i should imagine its the same with Argos, the only difference being that you cant see much of the products before buying. i find it unfair to brand people as 'monkeys'. however being constantly berated every day all day for not getting the attachments on a sale, must drive you mental. but is it better to have a job and pay the bills or
  3. why should they be? it only pays minimum wage and the company keep changing the goalposts with regard to sales targets, KPIs and bonus. if they paid more and provided better training on the products for sales people and actual training on customer service and pc maintenance for the KH staff, the staff might actually give a monkeys. it pays more to work in aldi or lidl and know zero about the products...
  4. store itself cannot action an out of warranty claim. dont bother going to the store without calling customer services and asking for the out of warranty team. tell them the fault and be prepared to give them any kind of report saying what the issues are with the tv, if you havent got one already. they'll create a case and offer you depreciated credit. partner works for currys in the team know how section. if you go into store, they'll only ask you for the report and send it to the claims dept via email. thats all they can do in store. even store manager ca
  5. spoken to my partner who works for knowhow. get the store to book it with fuji for repair, it won't cost anything to send. write a statement of how you were using it, where etc etc and get them to send it with the camera inc your contact details. normally manufacture will email the store with pre paid labels or send a courier. however if the manufacturer disagrees with your claims of correct usage, there may be a charge to get it back repaired or unrepaired. the store can pay the charge but they wont want to as it comes off the management bonus (which is from the profits of the store).
  6. currys staff, just so you know, dont get paid commission for selling warranties. it IS a targeted measure, and virtually all retail has targets of some sort. the company sacked off commission based selling in the mid 2000s. the only incentives currently paid out, as i'm informed by my partner who still works for them, is for a succesfull switch of a customers broadband/tv package. bonus is paid from the customer service score, which is based on customers replying to txts and giving the store a score. carphone works exactly the same way for bonus, but they DO get commision from every sa
  7. wow this place is vicious! glad its my other half who works for dsg and not me!
  8. glad you got sorted. for anyone else arguing with a dixons group manager, they can remind them that at managers conferance 2015 they were ALL given a personal bonus of £1000 each to stop arguing with customers and do the right thing. sales and support staff werent issued with any extra bonus, nor were lower level managers only general managers or 'store directors' as they are called in the huge stores. what they are scared of is, chargebacks. unauthorised returns affect the profit and loss report of the store and their own bonus for the quarter. but its now in place that anyt
  9. its also down to the contract that dixons has with the manufacturer/supplier. most of the printers are replaced by the manufacturer directly to the store, but the store colleague will have to call up and go thru troubleshooting over the phone in an attempt to solve the issue before they replace, even on a £40 printer. saves wasted printers with either no problems or user created issues/misuse. epson are utter gits to deal with in these cases (not sure if its relevant here tho), if the customer isnt using genuine epson ink and even genuine epson photo paper, they refuse support. i
  10. the 'say yes more' is indeed correct and still operating, also, the previous year, all dixons managers were given £1000 personal bonus each, to communicate to their staff that they shouldnt argue with customers, just do whats right. unfortunately the £1000 wasnt shared with their team....just pocketed and the staff told not to argue with customers. welcome to how dixons is run
  11. its very simple. OP reserved something online that was only on offer that day, expecting to collect it on monday as they believed it was the next working day. it wasnt, the next working day was sunday, so the reservation expired at 4.30pm on the sunday when the store closed. the item had gone back up in price by the sunday, but as it was reserved at that price, it would have been sold at that price had the OP collected on sunday. they went to collect and pay on monday only to find that the reservation expired and price has gone up. manager offerred a discount due to the OPs misun
  12. and maybe not refer to them as minions.... despite the evil empire they work for, they're people too, with feelings. ex-employee here. what you said tho is correct. be nice and they'll be nice back and escalate it up the chain to their store manager.
  13. is a reservation classed as a contract? no sale has actually taken place, no money changed hands, it an intention to buy something. i'm genuinely asking. just cos someone reserved an item for collection, does it mean a contract has been entered into?
  14. did your reservation email actually state mondays date?
  15. there is a card mandate/direct debit form to sign. if your wife didnt sign this and they dont have the paperwork to prove it, then yes this is against the law. if she did sign it,even without reading it, if its her signature on the paperwork, its dodgy but legal. as a former sales advisor i used to get told to use the phrase "can you sign here for the use of your card". hated doing it, got my bluff called a few times and got out of sales asap.
  16. nope, if the store does the refund, it becomes their stock. if its faulty, its sent back to their returns dept, if its not, it becomes stock of that store. they simply didnt want to do a refund. this is against their policy which is outlined on their 'compass' internal site. their is items than cant be processed this way such as software cards bought online as the till system required an eptra number which is not generated by the online reciept system. this item shouldve been refunded as unwanted, opened.
  17. there is no commision paid at currys to salespeople. commision was abolished by the company, pre 2008 when i started with them. it was around the time they re branded the dixons stores as currys.digital. however there are, as in almost every job these days, targets. some sales people will go out of their way to hit the high strides early in the period and coast for the rest, using tactics such as this. using phrases like, it comes with a free month of tech support. before i left the company, it was always referenced in briefings that the likes of amazon prime, netflix, lov
  18. yeah theres no in home repairs on computers now as it was apparently costing too much to insure the guys to work in customers homes and things like disk scans can take hours. they introduced remote access a few years ago as part of the cover but i dunno how many people take it up. people just dont seem to like making phone calls and like dealing face to face. which is absolutely their right to do. just had a right pain with microsoft today trying to book a surface 3 pro. is the customer present? no, well call back when they are or get them to call back, we need to ask them security
  19. how about you read the bit where i said "ok, previously there was a direct number for samsung that store had to ring, go thru troubleshooting and then wait for the delivery of the packaging, then someone from the store had to physically take time to go drop the unit down at a post office. samsung couldnt even be bothered to send a courier to store. this has recently changed" the practice with samsung tablets was for the store to book it in, ring samsung as we have a specific merchant account with then for each of our stores. we had to go thru troubleshooting and wait for a j
  20. ok, previously there was a direct number for samsung that store had to ring, go thru troubleshooting and then wait for the delivery of the packaging, then someone from the store had to physically take time to go drop the unit down at a post office. samsung couldnt even be bothered to send a courier to store. this has recently changed. it still cant be booked via eclipse on the till, but there is a new number within the 'compass' system, and they will arrange courier, you will be given a pickup and drop off date. within approx 10 samsung working days if not less. (bea
  21. "The retailer has the obligations to arrange repair/replace, not the consumer. This practice falls foul of the legislation form what I can see of it. OG, No matter what the policy states on your intranet, the company must still follow the law. IF the manufactures insist on their own repairs, then that is down to the retailer to arrange, not the consumer." sure, of course the store should arrange the repair/refund/replacement, i did actually say that they should've done. when a manufacturer requests someone call them and go thru a troubleshooting procedure to identify the
  22. i am one of them knowhow guys you all love to bag on, we are told to abide by the procedures that are set out on our intranet, if the manufacturer insists on repairing the product themselves, we have to abide by that. samsung and asus are notorious for this. we have all been complaining to head office for ages that we should just be able to book a product for repair and it be collected by the vans and sent to the manufacturer or our repair centre (depending on what needs to be done) from there. very often the knowhow team instore are not only doing repairs, reinstalls o
  23. i dont know of any machines that pcw sell that come with a windows dvd, except the business models that come with windows 7 pro and an upgrade dvd for windows 8 pro. the models in store have windows 8.1 home, which is not sold on its own, they have the license key digitally injected into the bios of the machine and not on a license sticker. recovery media has to be made or purchased by the customer. either by using a usb stick, or via buying it from the manufacturer. you COULD make the recovery media (hp and toshiba still allow to dvd, but everyone else goes to usb now) then use someth
  24. sadly due to the amount of margin made on the products, services such as warranties are repairs are the only things making the store any money. the electrical appliance store model badly needs an overhaul
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