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  1. Hello, I'd really appreciate some advice please, I have tried to put it down and learn from my foolishness but I can't. I still feel extremely upset about the whole experience and I don't want other people to feel as conned, upset and be as out of pocket as me. So now I've stopped feeling sad, I'm all like eye of the tiger(ess) and want to do something about it, fight to the death and all that. I just don't know where to actually start and if I even have a decent case that's worth pursuing. I did call call head office but was told to complain in writing, I didn't get a reply. Less than a year ago, I called in at Carcraft Sheffield with a friend to have a look around and ended up being pressurised to trade in my 05 plate mini cooper in (approx private sale value 4.5 to 5k, they said they would give me 3500 for my mini) against a 08 plate mini clubman, I felt it was a good trade in price) It was a Sunday afternoon and they went all out laying on the pressure to make a deal there and then, arranging finance and baffling me with numbers, crossing them out and lowering the amount per month, cutting aprs deals and today only special % rates. They were like hand magicians and there was 2 and at times 3 of them, all advising me what a brilliant deal they could offer me today. I kept saying i would come back and with every excuse i made or concern about taking finance out and looking around was met with assurances of such a great deal, with finance being verbally approved based on a credit check (which i knew I would pass) I was given lower monthly payments figures and needless to say I ended up buying the car. Seven months later I went back to Carcraft to trade it in against something with more power as i had started commuting daily to leeds and was told my car was worth 5k, they sold it me for £11,499.00 and with my car as deposit, took out finance for £815.67, when I tried to trade it in, I still owed £6,500 on the finance. How can a car go down in value by over 6 thousand pounds in just under 7 months? what shall I or can I do? cheers and NB.I have now traded the car in as it only just scraped passing it's MOT, it had a massive list of problems that would need thousand of pounds worth of repairs doing, I was given 5k trade in for it (same as car craft offered but they didn't see the MOT before I'd signed up otherwise they said they would have only given me £3,400) against a 15k golf and I had to pay the negative finance off. Plus, all the paperwork they gave me had the wrong figures
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