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  1. Hi Maurice If my memory serves me right the address to return products should be listed within in the terms and conditions.....dont bother ringing or emailing as you will not get a reply. Do write a letter informing that you are withdrawing and send letter and product recorded delivery.
  2. Hi.....just had an email from Dalia,Customer Specialist informing that they have received my returned goods and i will not be charged any further.
  3. Hi I sent the letter separately,and yes send recorded so you have a traceable record should this be disputed. I will be surprised if they acknowledge receipt as they havent with mine. You will likely hear nothing until your trial period has elapsed. Keep your shoulder to the wheel.
  4. Hi No i didnt get the other product although i must admit i was half way to ordering when my spider senses started tingling.It was then that i read the the terms and conditions and began kicking myself!!!! The address is buried in with the terms and conditions along with the satellite phone number. Good luck with your friend of a friend and no thanks are due to me its the CAG that should be congratulated for hosting this community. Must admit i was a bit nonplussed when i searched looking for testamonies about this product and could only find glowing reports although the cynical side of me points to the company being responsible and removing any negative commentary.
  5. Hi Like you Im kicking myself as i usually read the small print however this was buried away so deep that i hadnt noticed it. The address i sent the products back to along with my written notice to quit is Returns stemcellset.com PO Box 3565 Rugby CV21 1BR Are you still within the 14 day trial period,if so send the products and letter via recorded post. You will also need to ring the bank as advised above to cancel any payments leaving your account. Dont get angry...try and get even.
  6. Update on further progress. Contacted the bank who were a little evasive informing that i needed to agree with the company over cancelling any future orders however when i insisted that i was withdrawing authorisation for any future payments and that i would be writing to the bank to inform of this instruction. The operator then went on to seek further clarification (a couple of minutes pause while she sought further advice) then informed that processes were changing all the time and that i could cancel further payment. I was informed that i did not need to put my instruction in writing and they were unable to provide an address i should write to. I have subsequently written to my local bank manager and asked him to attach my written instruction to my account. The bank has agreed to monitor my account and will provide a chargeback if any monies are accessed. I have also written to the address provided to return the product further cancelling any future orders. I suspect the company involved does appear to have a dubious past history and bears a resemblance to the company mentioned above and a number of other companies e.g. deadseabeautykits. This company operates from the Czech Republic.. ...product is manufactured in Israel.. ..uses satellite phones as a contact number which costs a fortune to ring them. Again thanks for your assistance and advice and i will let you know of any further developments.
  7. Thanks for your speedy replies and advice. Unfortunately there is no address to write to cancel any further products other than the address to return the product which i suspect is just a central hub. I will however write to this address as they must be operating as agents for the company. I will contact the bank and keep you guys informed of my progress. Finally i cant believe that the way this company acts is within the bounds of legality... ..anyway will have to stop before i start ranting....
  8. Has anybody had any dealings with this company??? I have paid postage and packing for a free trial of skin products and received the trial pack. My wife was unhappy with the product and i returned same via recorded delivery within the 14 day trial period. I have attempted to email the company to inform them but the email facility keeps informing that the session is timed out even when i hit it without putting any information in. I am beginning to smell a rat. I also have a feeling that this is a ploy intended to let the 14 day period lapse so i will then be charged the full amount. I would be grateful for any replies.
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