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  1. Thanks for the advice ! I made a complaint to the CEO of Gothia Ltd (now Arvato Financial Solutions UK & Ireland) and thankfully they have now agreed to clear all records from my credit report so that's a start. The other email has been sent to the Complaints department at MMF and I have also escalated to the CEO at MMF so hopefully we will find a solution. If I don't hear back from them, I will be sending them a nice request for the Deeds of Assignment Thanks for all the advice
  2. I have replied to MMF with the following:- "Hi Matt, Many thanks for your response. I would have to firmly disagree with the statements below. As you say you are now the legal owner of the account, it would be your duty to update the CRA’s only. Therefore, you can legally change the name of the creditor to that of yourselves, however you cannot change the date of entry, report a new entry of any of the other details that are reported to the credit reference agency. All of these have been carried out by MMF, as follows:- • The default date is different to that from the original default • The default balance is different to the original default • MMF has entered its own default alongside the original default As you can see from the above, this default notice is unlawful. I would also question how a default of £774 has changed to a default of £1,274 and would question the additional charges that have been added to this default balance, as I would assume that these would also be unlawful. As stated previously, without a reasonable solution being found immediately, I will be forced to take strong action in the shape of the following:- • I will be requesting all details that you hold for me including the Notice of Assignment and Assignment of Deeds which are required for this debt to be enforceable. • I will be raising a formal complaint with the ICO in relation to this matter. I would appreciate your urgent response and resolution to this matter. Kind Regards"
  3. Are there any rules that I should state to this? Its obvious that they have entered a new default, they have confirmed this to me. Furthermore, the default date is different to the original default, although only by a month to be fair. Any advice on what I should do next?
  4. I have just had this reply from MMF:- "Dear Mr ..., Thank you for your email, To clarify, we are not a lender. We purchased your account which was originally issued to you by QuickQuid and therefore legally own the account. As we are the legal owners of the account we also have the right to share data with the credit reference agencies. Any queries you have regarding the data shared by another company other than MMF would need to be raised directly with them. As the balance of £... remains outstanding, the data we have shared regarding the account is therefore correct as this represents accurately the status of the account. As this account has been in default since October 2010, we have therefore registered a default to reflect the status of your account. QuickQuid will have therefore removed their default marker as they no longer hold the account. If you feel the debt was settled in full with QuickQuid, please can you provide proof of payment and I shall arrange for any necessary amendments to be made to your balance and also your credit record. The original notice of default was issued by QuickQuid and as such we are not required to issue our own notice. I am sorry that we are unable to remove the default marker on your credit record for this account. Once the balance has been repaid in full we will update your credit record as satisfied. I trust this clarifies our position." Can anybody provide me with any help on this? As MMF have purchased the account, does that mean that they are legally allowed to raise a new default on my account? Or are they talking rubbish? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Hi All, Thanks very much for your responses. I have now started this process with the following actions:- 1) Emailed Gothia requesing that the DN is removed from my credit file as there are 2 entries on my file which is unlawful. If they refuse, I will raise complaints as advised. 2) Emailed MMF advising that I would like to formally dispute the DN as they cannot add this entry as they have no power's to. I am going to call Experian now to double check but I am 99% sure that MMF have issues the DN as this has popped up as a seperate one to the origional DN that was there. I will keep you updated Thanks
  6. Hi All, I wonder if anybody can help me. I had a loan with QuickQuid with repayments as follows:- 22nd September 2010 - £125 22nd October 2010 - £625 The total of this is £750 and for whatever reason wasn't paid. I have a default on my credit file from Gothia. I only found this when I was looking at my credit report to try and straighten it out to eventually purchase a house. As it showed Satisfied, I thought everything was settled. Over the last few years, I have paid off numerous accounts and just thought that this one has been complete. The default date on this shows as 29/09/2010, for the balance of £774. Now I have recently had another default added to my credit file for £774. The default date on this is set at 22/10/2010. Initially it raised alarm bells as it was the same price, therefore I chased up MMF and they confirmed that they had purchased the original debt from Gothia and had added the default. I have been told that I can have 2 defaults for the same thing and therefore I just wanted to confirm that this was correct? Also, I have contacted Gothia to see what I can do regarding the first default as its now got 2 different defaults (although one has an incorrect default date?) and they say that as they have satisfied theirs it makes no difference and MMF now have every right to enter a default? I am confused with this, if anybody can offer me any help that would be greatly appreciated? Thanks
  7. It was for a payday loan and it was the lender Debit Card Loans / Goldstar Finance that took the case to the court.
  8. I will look to get that uploaded shortly for you to see. I did change addresses between when the account was opened and when the account was sent to the court however both addresses are on file. The lender have said that the default was sent to the new address however they also have my old address on file, which is my parent's address so any post that is sent there for me I still receive. I know that there is quite a delay in the time, to be honest I have only recently started to look at my credit report as I am hoping some time down the line to get a mortgage so just trying to get things sorted out now really. With regards to compelling justification, its more just that I was not given the chance to defend myself and settle the matter out of court. As I have said, I started to make payments 4 months after the CCJ was registered as the company contacted me. That's the only thing that I am challenging, the fact that I was unaware of this at the time of default and therefore I was not given sufficient opportunity to settle the matter without the need to go to court.
  9. Just got one more issue that I would like the advice that anybody can offer me. I have a CCJ that was put on the Register on June 2010. I was unaware of this notice until October 2010 when I began to make payments and finally, the account is now settled. I have contacted the lender and asked them to confirm that they sent the origional default notice, which of course they said they did, and they confirmed that they sent it standard delivery and not by recorded delivery. I did not receive either the Default Notice or the Court Forms asking me to submit a defence, hence the reason that I didn't attend court and the decision was made without me there. Further to this, the lender has provided me with a headed letter to use in my case stating that they would not like to appeal against me having this set aside based on these reasons. What are the chances of me being able to get this set aside, and what is the best way about going about this?
  10. Thankyou DX, any help that anybody can provide would be greatly appreciated.
  11. The origional debt was in 2010. It was taken out on 22/08/2010 and defaulted on 23/09/2010. That is what QQ have told me. When I asked for any more information they told me that as it was sold on 23/09/2010 that they cannot deal with me anymore and that I should speak directly with the DCA, which is Gothia, but they just tell me that they cannot speak to me and to deal with Motormile Finance. Also, I don't believe that there were any late or rollover charges added as it was sold right when the payment was missed.
  12. Hi All, I wonder if you could please provide me with some help. I have been going through my credit file to make sure that everything is up to date and I started this approximately 3 month's ago. There was one on there in the following details:- Lender: Gothia Limited Amount: £774 Default Date: 29/09/2010 Status: Satisfied I emailed Gothia a couple of weeks ago to ask if they can remove the default as a gesture of good will. I have had lots of debt issues that I believed I had fully repaid and the fact that this was showing as settled left me with little concern. However, they emailed me back and said that the amount was still unpaid and they had therefore passed it on to another company, Motor Mile finance. Now I don't doubt that this debt is not paid but it has been marked here as satisfied. Today, I have had another entry appear on my credit report for the same debt as follows:- Lender: Motormile Finance Default Balance: £1274 Outstanding Balance: £774 Default Date: 22/10/2010 I am really confused with this. I have spoken to Motormile and they have confirmed that £774 is outstanding and that this is the same debt that has been passed from Gothia Limited (BCW Group). Are they allowed to report a seperate entry onto my credit file as I now have 2 entries for the same thing. I have also spoken to them regarding the date of the account and they have told me that this is the correct date, even though the OC have said that the default date was 23/09/2010. I am really confused here as to what I can do, I am happy to pay the outstanding balance of £774 but I need to get them to sort the issues with my credit file before I agree to make payment. I have also asked QuickQuid to provide me with my origional T&C's but they have said they cannot do this and have referred me to Gothia, who in turn refer me to Motormile finance. I just seem to be going round in circles with this at the moment!! Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated.
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