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  1. Hi the usual reason people buy service contracts is to get a prompt fix to a problem, e.g the two day response quoted on the D&G website. The overiding issue with white goods breakdowns is not getting the item repaired it's getting it repaired swiftly. You can buy a fridge freezer and get it delivered in two days. Even under Sale of Goods you have no guarantee of swift resolution. If our fridge freezer had been free standing instead of integrated I would have chucked it away and got another to get my household back to normality. After digging around in this I find there is a Consumer Protection bill going through parliament. Its currently going to committee stage in the House of Lords in October. As part of this bill it will no longer be possible to write contracts that do not clearly specifiy the time by which services will be performed. At least they people will be able to decide on time to repair v warranty cost. Currys / PC world currently off a service/ repair contract with 14 day max time to fix or replace at around £150 including any/ all parts. However the biggest issue apart from overall fix times is that once any repair is started ( first call made) any necessity to come back an fit a part not carried by the repairer appears in most instances to have no priority and you get back in the queue for an engineer appointment. The good news is it's now fixed albeit after 12 days.
  2. More background to my original post. When D&G subcontractor Indesit advised the initial 5 days to attend to repair I contacted D&G and asked them to use one of the local repairers they quote attends in typically two days. They refused on the basis that I hadn't been waiting 5 days. ( something defnitely not mentioned in the T&Cs) I advised D&G I wasn't happy about this so they flagged my complaint to their complaints department . The department contacted me and the gist of the conversation was that they don't specify any repair time in their contracts, and that I should have realised this when I took it out and should have queried this at the time. They consider are at liberty to deal with my service call as they see fit. The complaints handler then closed my complaint without actually addressing it. I realise I can pursue the retailer under SOGA however Its D&G I need to pursue. Where the law appears vague is around acceptable time frame where none has been documented. Currently it appears I have to advise D&G time is of the essence in order to subsequently take action. Unfortunately none of this is geared to delivering a prompt effective service. Further a consumer should not have to turn to this sort of redress to get a decent level of service. I've just bought a new computer from PCWorld with a support contract. This clearly specifies fix within 14 days or replacement. Frankly on an item such as a Fridge Freezer / washing machine / dryer this is the maximum any one should have to wait as these items are essential to be working to avoid significant disruption and additional costs.
  3. I have a Hotpoint Fridge Frrezer out of warranty which is supposedly covered by a Domestic & General service plan. When I originally took out this plan I searched for info on typical repair response times. The Domestic & General website quotes two days for their engineers and similar levels of service when the repair is referred to the manufacturer. I had to place a call for service on July 27 and in accordance with the contract I placed the call with Indesit who handle the repairs on behalf of Domestic & General. The earliest the engineer could arrive was Friday August 1st. On arriving the engineer took a cursory look , ordered a part and after I complained about it not being able to be fitted until August 11 it is now scheduled for August 8. I raised this with D&G ref the two days quoted on the website. Their response is to tell me that there is no contracted service level and repair or replacement could take upto 28 days. This against statements by them and Indesit that repairs are normally completed on the first call. Domestic & General service agreements are a complete sham as there is no real intent to provide any sort of timely service to the customer! It's all about internal deals with their subcontractors to minimise repair cost. Before anyone disputes this statement there are more than enough examples on this site of the difficulties people have had trying to get a timely adequate repair. Given the information on the D&G website about response and their subsequent complete contradicition and statements of acceptable time not visible to the consumer I consider these contracts are essentially being miss sold. Bottom line unless can get a contract clearly stating response / fix times don't bother with Domestic & General as they don't even know how to spell service let alone customer satisfaction.
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