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  1. Also before the judgement by default should there not be a issuing of court papers?
  2. I received some paperwork from the courts as I requested. Under the description of case events etc, it says. 28th-feb-13 n30 judgement by default 3rd-oct-13 warrant of control issued 3rd-oct-13 final return of warrant 4th-oct-13 invalid warrant request (mag my 21st-jan-14 letter to fwd to wrt crt to advise clmt accordingly 21st-jan-14 letter from party querying update on wrt 18th-feb-14 final return on warrant 31-jul-14 telephone message call from Def for jmt/poc/clmt debts 24th-nov-14 change of defendant address. I'm confused as to wh
  3. Hi thanks again for replies. I did think about maybe contacting the bank to see if they could give me any information. But got the impression they will just say it's been passed elsewhere so contact them. I am going to give it a try though nothing to lose. I will wait until I have received paperwork from the courts although I can imagine this won't tell me much more than I already know. The ccj was placed at my ex wife's address. I have no recollection of having this visa card but as I said I had lots of credit and I'm just hoping this one didn't slip through the
  4. Afternoon again. Sorry to bother you all. I've requested a copy of judgement etc from Northampton county court which I expect to receive in next few days. I just don't know where to go with this. Problem is firstly I'm not sure if this debt is or isn't mine. Sounds daft I had very good job and lots of credit from different people always cleared up what I owed. I left the family home informing what I thought was all of my creditors about the move. Initially the relationship with the ex wife wasn't let's say amicable. Since then we have sorted our d
  5. Hi oleg, Thanks for the reply. I'll take your advice on board and make sure u make no more phone calls. I'm not in Scotland and the visa was taken out in February 2007. I plan on sending them the prove it letter you mentioned. I received a letter from 1st credit saying all chasing of money has been suspended while they get me the relevant paperwork. I just need to get to the bottom of it asap. If I do owe any monies then I'll happily repay. And if I'm stuck with a ccj then so be it. Although if I'd have been aware of this when it was hap
  6. So the debt is apparently from a visa card. From bank of Scotland dated back to 2007. 1st credit are the dca. At this point I have no idea whether they have bought the debt or are acting on behalf of creditor. I haven't yet spoke to 1st credit just the solicitor who is acting on there behalf. I just don't actually know how to prove it other than to ask them to prove it was mine. I'm presuming if it was then I would have a credit agreement. I'm just lost with it all.
  7. Hi guys, I recently went to open a business account to start a new busines . I was rejected so joined experian and found out I had a ccj dated back to 2013. Couple of things. I wasn't aware of this ccj which is registered to my old address (which my ex wife lives at). I didn't get my post for the first year or so due to bad relations with her (2009-2010) but since 2010 I've been getting all my post and have no recollection of this. Should they send the ccj paperwork recorded delivery? I contacted Northampton county court and got the details. Then call
  8. Thanks again for you reply. I'm going to try find out this information but by the sounds of the feedback I won't have much look to get this set aside. What about the solicitors or creditors, could they get the ccj lift on there own discretion if I was to request to do so? Just trying to find out the best solution I have
  9. And my defence is I wasn't aware of the debt or the judgement so never had the opportunity to rightfully defend myself or even settle the debt
  10. Well I wasn't aware of the debt. It's effecting my credit rating. So thought maybe I've got nothing to lose. I am willing to come to some agreement with the solicitor so am hoping that solicitors/judges would work with people like myself rather than just write them off.
  11. Thanks guys for all th replies. So I guess 1st thing is to get as much information off the solicitors for eg the credit agreement nd missed payment dates and take it from there. I will keep you all informed of my progress
  12. 1st credit. But is now with solicitors
  13. Thanks bazaar Just so I understand correctly. Even if I get the ccj set aside on the ground of not being aware of the debt, it only then sets it back to when the original papers for the ccj was served and it would then need to be paid in full? I wouldn't be able to set up a payment plan to avoid the cc? If that's the case I wouldn't be able to afford it so is there any point? Is what your saying.
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