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  1. Hi Bud do you have any copies? regards
  2. Hi Brigadier Yes, I do think some of the banks have had the option to allow customers to close and pay etc BUT i think they only offered if the customer 'phoned in looking for help, wheras my argument is that the APAC agreement says they should bring that to the customers attention in the rate change letter, that is why i am looking for copies of the letters from 2008 onwards. Gazza
  3. Hi thanks for the comments, but I am sure they sent the letters, but very UNSURE that the letters included the option to pay back at lower interest rate over the period of time that it would have been if left alone. I think they used to just say something like 'you can close your account and pay off any outstanding balance' or words to that affect. cheers Gazza
  4. Hi I am new to this forum and hope someone can help me. I have been paying off five credit cards over the last four/five years at 24%+ interest (reducing by around £1 per month) and only recently have I found out about the APAC's agreement of 2009 with the banks and what options they should make clear to their customers when imposing new interest rates. I do not have the original re-pricing letters, but i am almost certain they did not offer me the option of closing my account and keeping the 'old' interest rate and paying off the debt by continuing my monthly payments until the debt was cleared. I have written to the banks in question (barclays- Egg; mint, tesco, halifax and HSBC) and asked them for a copy of the original letters. So far only one has replied - Halifax. They insist they do not keep copies of the original copies, and have sent me a copy of their 'system' generated rate change letter. I do not know yet if this is their current one, or one from 2009 etc but it does show the option that I could close etc. I wonder if anyone has copies (obviously with any personal data removed) of the rate re-pricing letters from these banks dating back to 2009? (or older ). Thank you in anticipation Gazza
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