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  1. Is turntous down or movimng? Says the domain is up for sale and its just littered with sponsored links?
  2. Hi this is my second thread here, I'm currently on JSA and have been building a port folio to become a graphic designer and have built a very promising android mobile app that I am very proud of, I discussed this with my advisor thoroughly and was still stuck on the work programme as opposed to new enterprise allowance, which cannot be appealed it seems, I have no skills or grades and very poor credit, and the work programme seems unable or unwilling to help me, and everyone else I turn to for support or advice say I must be an SME to qualify for there support or go it alone (poor credit hinders this option) I wondered if anyone here knew the ins and outs for instance if I published my app can I continue to receive JSA and inform them of any monies (if any) I make from it as a freemium app, or do I have to be self employed? And the same would go for being a graphic designer? Any advice would be appreciated as lately while developing my portfolio I have been accused of benefit fraud and am currently fighting my corner (find out soon from a decision maker on that one) but I believe it was the work programme who tipped the job centre that I was building a portfolio even though it was them who advise me to do it :S so I am reluctant at best to tell them anything they don't need to know thanks again for any and all help
  3. Thank you for this, extremely helpful! However I called about the new enterprise allowance and they tell me that as I'm with the work programme there's nothing they can do which seems ridiculous
  4. Yes that is the long and short of it no contract, I haven't been employed by anyone to do any designs, and of the designs I've done one hasn't been used at all he said he appreciated it and that was the last I heard, the other (the one for my friends business) he is overjoyed with, and has had some leaflets mocked up under my design, again no money has changed hands as in my eyes it will ultimately be for my portfolio, but he is yet to use the logo commercially he wants me to design him a website and business cards (I'm more than capable of doing this) but after this I don't know what I should do
  5. I am not sure if this is the place to post this and if its not plz tell me with the right section and I will delete it and repost in that section. Okay so like any good AA meeting should start, hi I'm martin and I'm accused of benefit fraud. The story; I was sent to intraining (DWP work proggrame) I realised quickly that they pigeonhole people into either care, customer service, retail, or deliveries, but I see myself as a budding graphic designer and mobile app developer I expressed this opinion and it turned out there was someone there who knew how to help me and told me the best thing I could do was to build a portfolio so of course that is what I've done making logos and designs for some businesses, one my uncle and one my friends, I haven't been paid for the work nor did they request the work to be done but I've yesterday received a text telling me I have a compliance interview today, no letter although they assure me it was sent and I should speak to my local post office, regardless I attended this interview today and they say that somebody has anonymously told them I have been working whilst receiving benefits, so thinking it could only be related to that, I start telling them everything, the investigator tells me that I have still provided a service and therefore have broken the law, at this point I terminated the interview feeling that the interviewer hadn't grasped the full situation and was more intent on pinning something on me than finding the full information, so I called citizens advice (who are next to useless nowwadays) and have just called a solicitor to mount a 'benefits defence?' But I saw some great advice here and I was hoping someone may be able to point me in the right direction as to how to look at my case from there eyes, what to expect and how best to represent myself, any all advice appreciated many thanks
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