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  1. Hello, apologies for the delay. It wasn't possible to do this sooner I'm afraid. 

    The lamp post has no council plaque or numbering unfortunately. 


    The signs as shown in the PDF in my previous post are on both lamp posts and walls.

    I've attached a plan in this PDF to show where they are.


    The wall ones are approx 1.75m high from ground and lamp post ones about 2m.

    They are 60cm high x 45cm wide.

    The largest letters are 2cm high, the smallest 4mm high. 


    In addition there are two different signs on entry into the Carpark.

    One on each side of the Carpark as shown in the photo attached.


    The "150 mins" sign on the left has "150" at 6.5cm high, "mins" at 5cm high and the writing about charges is 2cm high.

    You can see the 150 mins part on driving in but not the small print.


    The "ANPR" sign on the right has "ANPR" at 3cm high and text at 7mm high.

    It is totally illegible from a car when driving in (or from about 6m away on foot).


    They are both 196cm high and 60 x 45cm in size. 

    All of these signs except the two entryway ones I just described are parallel to the flow of traffic and so would not be readable for anyone driving to park in the annexe. 


    You are correct that the most relevant sign at the entrance to the annexe is at 45 degrees angle away from the direction of traffic and due to the one way traffic flow would not be visible to the driver on entry or exit whilst driving. It also appears to be for the main carpark it is facing or as you say the footpath and not for the seperate annexe, with seperate walled entrance road and no signs inside it.


    The annexe also has a seperate footpath to exit to highstreet shops (top right corner on plan) so you wouldn't walk back past any signs at all on exiting the Carpark on foot. The annexe very much seems to be a seperate Carpark for the highstreet/local area with no restrictions. The 45° sign is placed about 5m back from the entry road and is a massive 2.6m high from the footpath and so not clearly legible at all from car or footpath. 


  2. Sorry if they were blurry, originals weren't so must've been the convoluted conversion/resizing process.

    First time I've tried this.

    Here is a closeup of a sign.


    Good tip Re the lamppost!

    Will check that out as it will be very satisfying to remove the sign hehe.


    I completely agree that sign would be invisible for a driver entering and leaving that annex with or without a bush in the way.


    Also even if seen it looks like it applies to the main Carpark only and there are no additional signs in the annex (that's what I was trying to show with the photos of all 4 sides of the square annex). 


    No proof of purchase from homebase now unfortunately but will still try this avenue if I continue to get hassled. 


  3. For PCN's received through the post [ANPR camera capture]


    please answer the following questions.


    1 Date of the infringement: 01/09/18


    2 Date on the NTK [this must have been received within 14 days from the 'offence' date]: 06/09/18


    3 Date received: no way to tell now unfortunately


    4 Does the NTK mention schedule 4 of The Protections of Freedoms Act 2012? [Y/N?]: It mentions the POFA 2012 but not schedule 4 specifically.


    5 Is there any photographic evidence of the event?

    They provide their time stamped photos on the letter however I don't see how it can be clear where these photos actually are (no location info or signage visible for example, just a car and a bit of road).


    6 Have you appealed? [Y/N?] post up your appeal] No, just ignored


    Have you had a response? [Y/N?] post it up N/A


    7 Who is the parking COMPANY? G24 LTD


    8. Where exactly [carpark name and town] Homebase, 182 Old Shoreham Road, BN3 7EX


    For either option, does it say which appeals body they operate under: They mention www.appealyourcharge.co.uk and the Independent Appeals Service www.theIAS.org


    There are two official bodies, the BPA and the IAS. If you are unsure,


    please check HERE


    If you have received any other correspondence, please mention it here








    I was about to try to post my photos of the scene again but says I've exceeded 4.88mb. Hopefully that is a daily limit so I can post photos tomorrow? 

  4. Hi, 


    Unfortunately I missed the letter when it first arrived and so the 14days to pay expires Mon 8th April. 


    It is a solicitors letter threatening civil court proceedings for a parking charge currently £160 for exceeding a stay on a major retail chains parking lot. 


    I ignored several of the other collections letters (from Debt Recovery Plus and Zenith) but this one is from solicitors and quotes Beavis v Parking Eye 2015 and so seems more scary. 


    The day of the "parking infraction" was a Sunday (store still open but massive carpark nearly empty so no possible loss of trade) and the driver drove into a small annex carpark (which seems seperate to use for the local shops, separated by a wall with a road entrance but no gates or barriers, and with no signage inside) and exited through a different pedestrian exit to the highstreet shops (so didn't walk back through the main carpark to see any signs, the only small one that could possibly pertain to this area was small and hidden by a bush so wouldn't have been seen in any case). I have a video, photos and a panoramic photo which is clearer but unable to upload video due to size and the rest get a -200 error. 


    So what should our next actions be? Are they really going to take us to court? Any way to prevent this (eg with a strongly worded letter saying we are well informed and will defend vigorously?) 


    Thanks for any and all help, really resent being bullied and extorted like this. 


  5. Hi, Summer 2016 I started this thread for help with a parking fine:




    I followed excellent advice but wanted to update as I just received this threatening letter yesterday, nearly 2yrs later!


    Should I just ignore it or should I reply in any way? Might they still take me to court? Is it still even reasonable to do so so long afterwards? Many thanks for any help with standing up to these persistent b**t*rds!


  6. ok, here is a slightly tamer version, please would you confirm it's ok to send as I don't want to inadvertently phrase anything incorrectly. And do I send just to gladstones or two separate letters- one each to both gladstones and ethical? Thanks again!


    Dear Sirs,


    I can't imagine why you would think I owe a fantasy amount of £160 for anything to anyone, let alone to a company who is unlicensed by the FCA for credit agreements and so can't lawfully touch the money in the first place.


    Any debt to Ethical Parking is likewise denied for a number of reasons but first on that list is they have not created a keeper liability in this matter and despite what the members of the IPC seem to think, the law still applies to them so they will lose a claim via the civil courts.


    Now stop bothering me and wasting both of our time. If you persist a full costs recovery order and damages for the breach of the DPA will be sought.

  7. Hi, This is an update from a previous thread: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?468957-Ethical-Parking-Contractual-Breach-Charge-Shoreham-airport


    Some 7 months later I have now received a letter from Gladstones solicitors (attached).


    Do I need to reply to this or should I wait at this stage?


    I can see from the advice on this thread:




    that I have a 33days deadline from the "court claim form"...but is this that form?


    Thanks and sorry if this seems thick but do not want to mess this up.


  8. But you can say you forgot / were victim of a payment app error (I received a phone call as app payment was processing and payment didn't go through and I didn't realise) once in hundreds of regular payments same time, same place spanning years.


    Irony is if the machine accepted £5 notes I wouldn't need the app and wouldn't have missed the payment! I pay 30p extra to use the app since their crappy machines rejected half of the £1 coins I had to use so I had to carry around about £10 in change all the time to be sure I could pay the £5. All in all very frustrating.

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