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  1. I owe Sunny 750 and I couldn't keep up with their original offer so emailed them and then I got a nice email from them asking me what would I like to pay, I sent an email on 7 February with my offer and have had nothing since. Has anyone else waited this long? Should I contact them again or shall I wait. They have been very reasonably (at the moment!).
  2. I've been contacted - it was on the 10th - nice surprise! I was in a payment arrangement and have cancelled the CPA. I thought it was odd because I tried to make the first payment with the bank details they gave me and it didn't go through but they didn't phone for late payment either. (This was before I had the email).
  3. Thanks very much for advice. I went on the National Debtline website and had a web chat with an adviser who sent me all the links. I have all the sample letters and forms ready to send out. I spoke to my bank too who were very good and have made a note of my CPA cancellation.
  4. Thank you for the advice, it sounds very assertive, I would like you in my corner during a row! I am a bit nervous about this, mostly because it is my fault and my feel like I am begging and will cave in because I'm in the wrong. When I fill out the form do I just send to Wonga with a cover letter as you suggested and just keep everything in writing? I assume also that I have a word with my bank about the continuous payments. Although my bank are quite funny about Wonga payments, in the past when I've paid a rather large lump sum, they stop the payment and my card and someone at the bank said it always gets flagged up because not many people can pay off a Wonga loan outright! I also don't keep large amounts of cash in that particular account so they wont be able to get at anything.
  5. This may have been covered somewhere else so apologies for that. I am a new poster and have been looking at some of the various responses to posters who are have been having problems with repayment plans. My loan is due on August 6th and I don't think I can pay the full amount all at once. It does say that various ways of paying back will be accepted 7 days before so I went on the website and tried to get onto the repayment plan link and the I&E form. On the front page my contact details are already there and the areas are in grey. One of the areas is for part of my address with an asterisk but this is in grey and I cannot input any information. So I cannot carry on with the form. Has anyone had this problem? I emailed - no answer. I know people say not to phone but I think I will have too. I'm actually also getting worried about this as it looks like people have problems with Wonga accepting offers. Thanks for any advice.
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