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  1. No. Not yet anyway. I didn't "claim" back the charges, I grovelled! I don't know if that makes a difference!
  2. Big thumbs up to the bank. They have refunded the charges - well I'm still waiting for £65 to come through but the rest have come back. Thanks for all your help on here I couldn't have coped without your support.:) I have major traumas going on and didn't need this stress too. Regards Angela.
  3. Definately never ever gone over my overdraft before. Never wanted to pay the charges! Been with the co-op over 7 years. Have emailed customer services - Im not very good over the phone - will see what they say and take it from there. Michael, you have summed up my situation perfectly. Im glad I found this site thanks to moneysaving expert. I would have seriously cracked before now otherwise! Angela.
  4. No it's £130 total. Sorry if that's not clear. I'm in the process of writing to them now! Thanks Angela.
  5. Thanks Paul, I don't have 6 years of charges though, this is the first time this has ever happened to me! Should I pay some money into my account to bring it back to within my limit? It is possible but it will take another 4 days to transfer the money. Thanks again Paul.
  6. I think I've made a huge boo boo. One morning I receivd an email stating that call18866 had debited my account. They did this the day I received the email. It sent me £5.47 over my overdraft limit. I knew I would get charged but didn't check on how much. That was my first mistake. I have just checked my balance and found I have accquired £130.00 (grand total including mistake 2) and this has again sent me over my overdraft limit and so will be charged again. Mistake number 2. Wednesday night I went to top my phone up using my debit card (no charges at this point had been t
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