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  1. Hi not sure if this is in the right area but here goes. I found out last week that the DWP have been secretly filming me my wife and our kids. Our crime, walking to school with someone under investigation. My wife went to an interview with a friend only to be shown a video with lots of footage of us! We are not under any investigation. I have spoken to the DWP about this and was told it's tough and I can't do anything about it! Surly they have broken privacy rules? Any advice would be welcome!
  2. Please advise how to upload pics of documents thanks
  3. Got my first phone call from apes tonight! Half 8 at night! The guy started to tell me that I have failed to pay them, I then told him that he doesn't even know if he's talking to the correct person, he then asked to confirm name address etc, I declined this. He then said I wasn't helping myself, in retort I told him to remove my number from their files and all future correspondence will be in writing, now the game begins!
  4. I will need to run through the checklist to ensure it contains all the prescribed terms and conditions, do they have my original copy? I don't know!
  5. Hi just an agreement no statement of account just a phone us now to pay threatogram. It proves I took out a loan with original OC do Apex have to provide a DOA??? Do they have to prove they have right to collect the debt. Just to note its pre April 2007 if this has any bearing?
  6. Bump I received paperwork today from Apes, a signed copy of the loan agreement signed by me only even though it was a joint account!! And a another piece of paper with my signature on relating to data protection I think, half of it is missing. Where do I go from here. It's been well over a month since my cca request went in. Help!
  7. "Outstanding integrity and professional ethics and driven to exceed objectives" "Specialties: Strategic mindset with strong negotiation and influencing skills often demonstrated in multi cultural and cross border environments" Neither these statements ring true of a snidey bottom feeding company like APEX. Please lord I don't ask for much, but 5 minutes in a locked room with Mr Cox would make me a happy man
  8. Although I was relishing the opportunity to have some live Aikido practice should they send an agent in my area to knock my door. I now realise that they are not a legal entity and thus cannot carry out a fraction of the the threats that they spout Off topic last year I had N Power send me nasty letter informing me that I owed them £3000 and that they would enter my property by force to cut me off then instruct bailiffs to seize goods. I phoned them and explained that anyone you send to force entry into my property should consider wearing a Kevlar helmet and body armour as things might get a little uncomfortable for them and also may I draw your attention to the fact that indeed my gas is supplied by EDF!! A rapid mumble resembling an apology swiftly followed.
  9. Well thanks to this forum I have now dropped the pseudonyms of Ben Dover and Phil McCrevis so Ivor Biggun can poke it
  10. Thanks Oleg, I'm now starting to feel silly as to the fact I was initially worried about these people and I'm shall we say quite a robust individual and a career Soldier to boot!
  11. Update! I have received a letter from APEX today demanding payment although the account is in dispute!! Strangely enough the letter is from Stuart Cox, the same guy who wrote to me saying the account was on hold whilst they investigate my CCA request. The interesting thing is that the signatures are different! Are these clowns for real? When I get a minute I will post up the letters so you can marvel at the significant differences between signatures from the same retarded ape.
  12. Thanks for the reply Oleg, I was just thinking about it last night at work that's all. I'm not a home owner so they can whistle on that shout! As for any other assets lets just say when I fill my petrol tank up it doubled the value of my car!
  13. As an after thought, there is nothing on my credit file relating to Yorkshire Bank, I know it was over 6 years ago so it has probably dropped off? Nothing from APEX in the form of a credit agreement, well past the 12+2. Do I send a second letter, account in dispute or do I sit tight? Can APEX mark my credit file in the absence of a credit agreement? and if they cannot provide a credit agreement as requested have I just paid £6000 since 2009 to APEX for the fun of it. Would Yorkshire keep Paperwork for so long if APEX purchased this over 5 years ago. Surely if they had a valid credit agreement would they have not supplied by now? after all they sent me a letter out saying account on hold 2 days after the CCA request went in!
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