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  1. lol....regardless if the car has been lowered or not - the tyre is wider by nearly 20mm. If the GY tyre was 265 like the falken, then i would have had no problem If i ordered 285 expecting them to fit in the same space as a 265, then obviously implications would arise and rubbing would cause. But i ordered the EXACT same size tyre that has been on the car for over 3 years The suspension only adjusts the HEIGHT if the car, it does not adjust the width an anyway. A falken 265 fitted PERFECTLY Look at the pictures...you can not tell me they are the same size
  2. But the extra size in alloy is taken off in tyres The 18" wheel had a overall tyre diameter of 636mm The 19" wheel had a overall tyre diameter of 642mm Which is an increase of .94% It is recommended to keep within +/- 2.5% of the original size So i am well within tolerance at less than 1% so it should not cause any problem The problem is that the tyre should be 265mm in width but its closer to 282mm
  3. Hi yes but dont want to go down that route. I could probably get the arches rolled to create space but again i dont want to change what i dont need to They size worked before so should work again! Thanks
  4. OK Still stings as the old ones fitted which were the same size. £400 wasted for something that's made to big (even though within spec) Its like buying a cooker to replace an old one, both advertised at 600mm wide, but the new one is actually 620mm wide and wont fit - but it is still within spec and the company saying tough!! Thanks anyway
  5. Hi Yes, ordered on the ASDA website and they were delivered to (and paid for at) the fitters. I cant see on any tyre companies website (ASDA, Blackcircles etc) about how they could be oversized. I could not even find it on the goodyears website...its only when i emailed their technical help that i found out that info
  6. Hi I damaged my original alloys wheels on a pot hole 3 years ago, it was cheaper to buy a complete wheel / alloy package than to buy 2 genuine BMW alloys and tyres. The original wheels were 18" but decided to upgrade to 19" wheels. The company supplied the new wheels took all measurements and ensured the new wheels / tyres fitted (obviously if going to a larger wheel dimension in alloy, the sidewall in the tyre has to be less to the actual overall tyre is as close to original as possible) which they did. The original rear size was 255/35/18 but the newer size fo
  7. Hi Apologies The old tyres were Falken FK452 - 265/30/19, and the new ones were Goodyear Asymmetric 2 - 265/30/19 but physically the new tyres are nearly 20mm wider which is why they are rubbing Contacted CAB 2 weeks ago and the lady phoned me up and she could not decide what company was at fault as the tyres were supplied by one company, and fitted (and paid for) by another. She said that a judge would have to decide who my fight would be with. Tried the "not fit for purpose" but apparently they are within spec of the ETRTO The European Tyre and Rim Technical
  8. Hi All..been directed to this site to try and solve my problem. I replaced 4 tyres on my car and bought the exact same size that have been currently on it for the past 3 years (only difference was the brand). I ordered the tyres from ASDA tyres and got them fitted at one of their approved garages called kingsway tyres Once the new ones were fitted and i paid for them, as i was traveling down the road i noticed a noise.. I found out that the new ones were rubbing the arch so took back straight away (max 1/4 mile in total). Kingsway said "not my problem", and to contacted
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