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  1. You're welcome. Yes I did... and when they realised I was still not paying up, they decided to increase their charge to £150! The original charge was £90.
  2. Hi! No I have received the letter you mentioned a while ago! It's for the ticket for which I received a threatening letter from the "small claims solicitors". They have basically threatened me with a referral for legal action before, it just seems that they are repeating themselves! But since the title has changed a bit I just wanted to make sure it wasn't a letter before claim. Now I know it has to come from UKPC, I will not bother any longer! Thank you dragonfly!
  3. Hi everyone, Just received another letter from DRP stating "Letter before referral for legal action". I do not believe this is a letter before claim? Should I reply to DRP? Thank you again for your kind help!
  4. Thanks again, I'll just wait and see what happens. Just a little update : UKPC has cancelled my third ticket (not parked properly)! Perhaps my appeal was a bit more "agressive". I'm glad I'm not going to be harassed for that ticket but they haven't mentioned the two other ones...
  5. Hi ericsbrother and thanks again! I've signed up to Duedil, I didn't know this website and I wasn't aware you could get so much information about private companies. I'm not very familiar with this kind of jargon though, is there a way I can see if they've got a contract with UKPC? Sorry for my ignorance! I'll have a look at UKPC, it might be worth the extra money... Many thanks again
  6. I have just bought the details and it states that the owner (freehold) is CLAPHAM ONE GROUND RENTS LIMITED. It also has a list of all the flats with their allocated bay! The weird thing is that it is not the number I have been given by the property management company... This document is a bit difficult to read but at least it proves that I have the exclusive use of a parking space.
  7. Thank you for your advice, I am very much tempted to do so because it is causing me much stress and I am really tired of getting those letters/pcns. I have contacted my letting agency who is basically not willing to give me my landlord's details. I have asked twice and they just reply that they have contacted him about it and they will pass any info on to me. Like I said, nothing on my tenancy agreement states that the flat goes with a parking space. I have one though, but I haven't got any document proving it. However, I am tempted to write to UKPC, the property management company and my
  8. Thank you ericsbrother, I will not waste my time with DRP. In the past, for the first ticket I got from UKPC because my letting agency didn't provide me with a permit, the property management company has been awful. They wrote to my letting agency saying "put it down to experience, the ticket has to be paid." That's why I don't trust them. Also, I asked my letting agency to ask them to contact me about this and they have obviously not done anything. They put signs in the carpark saying that any issue with UKPC has to be solve with UKPC and not them.
  9. hi everyone, Little update about my case : as previously said, I sent two letters : one to the small claims solicitors and another one to UKPC to challenge my third ticket. To my surprise, I have received a letter from... Debt Recovery Plus! Their answer is so cheeky, I could just not believe my eyes. To sum up : they refer to the letter sent to the "solicitors" and justify why the PCN was correctly issued (why are they even doing that? shouldn't it be UKPC?). They acknowledge that I am a permit holder but still, I breached the contract. Now look at what they also wrote : Amount
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