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  1. Letter in post today from Cabrot ref above marbles card ( which they have said claim discontinued) . Are the sending this on the hope i will pay this time?. Do i just ignore it?
  2. Thanks very much i will keep you up to date if i get anything else through the post.
  3. Hi, the last payment nade to sharkleycard was 18 december 2008. I have checked credit file and Cabrot are on there. they say the date of default was 10/09/2009 with a default balance of £ 2874.00 , The file says it was updated on 28/02/2015. If sharkleycard sent a default notice, then a termination notice, and a notice of assignment, I really dont know , because at the time i was in a right mess. and for the record i have paid no monies to anyone since dec 2008 nor have i admitted owing this. thanks for the help
  4. Hi Bazooka . The default with Sharkley card was back in about 2008 ( i would need to check my bank account for when the last payment was made. i dont know when it was handed over to cabrot as i moved house nearly 3 years ago. I have not paid anything since approx 2008 and that would have been to sharkleycard. I have no agreement with cabrot.
  5. sorry see second post for bigger picture thanks
  6. Cabot have sent me this. Do i do a CCA request or just ignore it? [ATTACH=CONFIG]57348[/ATTACH]
  7. Cabot have sent me this today. Do i just ignore it? See post below for bigger picture. sorry
  8. Been on the mcol site. Notification that the claim against you was discontinued was received on 28/01/2015
  9. Letter received from Pestons today. Notice of discontinuance. We are now closing our file and thankyou for your cooperation.
  10. Thanks for the reply. Do i need to do anything or sit and wait?
  11. Also received copies of letters they say they sent but i never received any of these.
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