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  1. Hi again everyone. I have since dumped yorhost and gone with a mate who has his own servers. Thank you everyone for your support. There you have it, another customer gone west. Derek.
  2. Can I warn users of Yorhost.com since I am a disgruntled buyer of the web hosting. Following are the number of emails that I have sent, alas with no reply to any of them. Be warned and go elsewhere to host your web sites. Regards Derek. Email 1. Hi, I am having trouble to host a sub domain within my main host. Registered with you are the ammanfordfirestation .org.uk and ammanfordatwar.org.uk ammanfordatwar is within the ammanfordfirestation, within a folder called WW1. I have a tried to put it in the second slot ns100b.yorhost.net, but nothing. Can you please help Regards Derek Email 2. To yorhost.net Jul 24 at 12:16 PM Hi, I am having trouble pointing to my website ammanfordatwar.org.uk The main site is ammanfordfirestation.org.uk ammanfordatwar.org.uk is within a sub folder called WW1. Can you further guide me how to get it up and running? It is desperately needed as the centenary of the First World War is imminent. Thanks. Regards Derek Email 3. To yorhost.net Jul 25 at 12:19 AM Help! This all double dutch to me. I have sent 3 emails, to which I have received no reply. I cant access ammanfordatwar.org.uk on the web. where do I point to? please respond. dn. Email 4. To yorhost.net Today at 11:59 AM Hi, this is my 5th email to you and I wish to inform you that I am in the process of reporting you to the authorities, and claiming my refund from my credit card company. ammanfordatwar.org.uk is needed urgently for the coming centenary. Also my other website ammanfordfirestaion.org.uk has links to the above website. I will now find another host provider. And be sure I will add a note to my home page warning other potential webmasters of your shambolic service. regards Disgruntled. Email 5. To [email protected] Today at 12:09 PM "Forbidden "You don't have permission to access / on this server. Additionally, a 403 Forbidden error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request." Please can you sort this out. I have sent previous emails for you to sort out. So I will try again via this email. Both my websites ammanfordfirestation.org.uk and ammanfordatwar.org.uk receive this error notice. ammanfordatwar is highly important as the centenary of the first world war is happening 4th Aug. It may be a basic problem of where I am pointing, or that your company is in dire straights. My last email is threatening in the fact that I am in the process of complaining to the authorities and claiming back my money from the credit card company. Regards Disgruntled.
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