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  1. Simple expected answer....nowhere. Got the standard final response, 6 years blah blah blah. So FOS we go ......
  2. FOS PPI Complaint Questionnaire off to Cardif Pinnacle today as the underwriters of the policy so lets see where this one ends up.
  3. I'll have to do some research on this I reckon. Lots to look at about companies 'in default' and registered with what organisation etc. So far Companies House show Central Marketing as ordered to wind up in the late 1980's so how did they sell me insurance in 2002?? I'll keep digging.............
  4. Had the final response from GE about my ppi claim now. They say they provided the finance for the ppi but did not sell it and the underwriter is Cardiff Pinnacle and it was sold by Central Marketing Ltd, who are now no longer trading. So, is this all over now, or do I go for Pinnacle or are GE stalling? Thoughts please folks?? Also, are the FLA any good for the charges claim??
  5. Well had some replies. On the charges, got a letter just saying I have had their final response and can refer to the FLA if I want to despite the fact that I reminded them of the 12 year rule. So, thoughts on the FLA please folks?? On the ppi, had the standard letter thanking me for raising concerns and they will investigate within 8 weeks. So they are either going to deny receiving the complaint in May and an lba for not responding after 4 weeks and just take the lba as the start or, it's just a stalling tactic..............
  6. I reckon i'll be heading down the same route shortly so this thread is a huge help. Good luck with your claim jmd..........
  7. re: charges claim, lba going tomorrow. Now that i have received their final response, the 8 weeks rule is over so i have given them 14 days to respond. Quoted the fact that it was a secured loan so contract made 'under seal' and 12 years to claim from the Limitations Act 1980 as it is classed as a speciality. Told them that their final response was an attempt to mislead me and falsely deny the claim too. Lets see what happens next.......................
  8. Absolutely right, they do follow industry standard and their complaints procedure states: "3. If your complaint is still outstanding after four weeks, we will contact you to let you know why we have been unable to provide you with a response, the actions we are taking and an anticipated time when we will be able to reply to you. 4. We will aim to provide you with a final response to your complaint within eight weeks of receipt." In respect of my ppi complaint they have not acknowledged the complaint within the stated 4 weeks so lba giving the balance of the 8 weeks to resolve the complaint positively. On the charges claim, had the standard final response today, saying time barred under the 6 year Limitations Act rule. so lba going tomorrow and a rough reminder that it was a secured loan so its a 12 year rule and cough up. Reading up the Act too.
  9. Still nothing from GE re PPI Claim. against their own complaints policy so Letter before Action going in post tomorrow Had the standard letter from them about my charges claim though, just saying they are looking in to it and will respond within 8 weeks.
  10. Following this with much interest............. any updates??
  11. Update.......... nothing yet Starting to get an LBA sorted and ready to go.
  12. No probs............ Thanks for all your help once again dx, much appreciated
  13. Without...... initial loan amount £16k + ppi 2011.41 so the total starting loan value was £18011.41. Thats the starting figure on the sar and then credits/debits/interest/charges start from there.
  14. Right i'll simplify the charges claim back to the initial 14.58% listed on the credit agreement and scrap the averages idea - phew! The ppi 2011.41 was the cost of ppi that was added to the start of the loan, i'm happy with the calculations on that one
  15. Right i'm convinced i'm wrong, when put it in the spreadsheet, apparently they owe me tens of millions............. so much so that the spreadsheet won't show the numbers lol oops. So, do i ignore the +7%pa bit and just average the BOE interest rate applied at the time of each charge? Then convert that figure to Apr giving 13.07% apr compounded. Or does the 7%pa equate to 7/12 months giving a monthly 0.583% on top of the BOE base rate? Confused again now.......
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