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  1. Thanks everyone for all the replies. I got a few good links and have made some progress.. I`m going to get in touch with the courts tomorrow to see about getting the power of attorney. Jack
  2. Hi, I`m not sure if this is the right forum to be asking this but dont know where else to look. I have a parent (My mum) who is disabled with multiple sclerosis. since 2010 she has been in a care home as my Dad tool ill at this time and he was her main carer. He passed away in late 2010. My dad was her appointee and dealt with her benefits and when he passed this was transfered to me. He also had left a pension which should of paid my mum a lump sum of money and a widows pension on a monthly basis. I have tried to claim this on my mothers behalf but they refused blank saying I need to be her power of Attorney. I have no idea how to go about getting this as my mum did not appoint anyone when she was fit and able. I live in N. Ireland, (I`m not sure if its a different process for different parts of the UK?) Another question I have is if there is even any point in claiming the pension for her. Her care is trust funded and I am unsure if it will go straight to the trust to fund her care or wether she is allowed to keep a certain amount? I`ve read a few things that she may be able to keep £16,000 (which the lump sum for my fathers death is below). Also she had her own pension, it wasn`t for a great amount as she took the MS at a young age (early 30`s).. a letter came recently saying that her pot value was (£6000). I have read that in exceptional circumstances (IE permenant disablement) that it may be possible to take it as a lump sum. She is 54 now. I`m just not sure what to do, My mum has no savings and Ive seen her go down hill rapidly with the MS recently and I fear the worst should something happen.It would be a struggle atm for me to cover funeral expensis. Ideally I would like to get her this money and put it in an account should the worst happen someday. Lastly, is it possble for me to open one of those over 50`s funeral plans on my mums behalf, I have seen a few advertised and for a few pound a month they cover funeral costs. Sorry if my post sound morbid but recently seeing my mother deterioriate I have been thinking I need to plan for the worst Jack
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