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  1. having lost my job over the summer (may) In antisipation of falling behind with my Aqua card payments, I informed them immediately and made an offer of payment, which I began paying immediately and have never missed, but they failed to acknowledge this offer in anyway. A formal complaint was sent in August, and acknowledged, but not dealt with. They then sent me an income outgoing Sheet to fill in "before we will consider your offer" which was begrudgingly done. They then kept up with the threatograms and failed to acknowledge this was sent (recorded, signed for).
  2. Hi all, long time lurker first post! I had been working for an agency who had been short changing my wages resulting in not being paid the national minimum wage. Several other co workers were in the same boat. I told the agency i expected to be paid for these hours and would be reporting the matter to hmrc and the workers rights helpline. Three hours later I was "no longer required" I have since reported them for the above. Am I protected under whistleblowing laws?
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