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  1. Okay I've just heard there is a database that keeps track of ANY insurance cancellation, particularly payment related. Granted, I may now have to phone each insurance company personally. I would be happy to do that. We'll see how thing play out today anyway I suppose. Thanks!
  2. Hi there. I appreciate this is a bit of a unique set of circumstances, if it was straight forward there'd be no need to post here, but I wanted some clarification and advice. I'll try and keep it simple. At 20 years old, I got my first car in October last year, Smartmiles was the cheapest insurance because of the box, however I still wanted to pay monthly due to my working circumstances and financial situation. In June, with only 2 payments to go, my direct debit bounced due to negligence on my part. I became aware of this, and went on to Creation's website (who manage my
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