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  1. Technically the only complaint I have relates to correspondence after the 20 year period. They were entitled to harrass me up till then. When I got my previous £50 compensation my complaint was not upheld but the compo was for not dealing with in the correct timescale. I could I suppose also use this as bad service.
  2. Thanks what I meant was I have never been to the FOS. I am happy it is over but can the FOS take any additional action that helps me ?
  3. It is all over Thank you to everyone who has taken an interest and particularly DX100uk who has helped keeping me on the right tracks. Today received the following Having reviewed the matter I do agree that the 20 year prescription period ended on 20 August 2019 and you should not have received further correspondence from us requesting payment after this date. I apologise and you will receive no further correspondence regarding this matter , and I will ensure your account is closed. Conclusion I confirm I uphold your complaint and I apologise that you h
  4. Should get an apology and Compensation again possibly. We shall see. Thanks folks. Shows the arrogance of "their client" refusing my near 50% payment offer much earlier in the thread. Posts 24 and 25
  5. Well thanks again and good morning. Shoosmiths do seem to take things a bit more seriously now rather than ignore me and bombard me. this morning I receive another letter. Blah blah Please accept this as acknowledgement of your complaint that our letter demanding payment is harassment, as it falls outside of the specific 20 year prescription period detailed in our letter 19 Novv 2014. Carry out full review etc in accordance with FCA rules and respond within 8 weeks. Now I wonder where this can possibly go. Either my complain
  6. Sorry for being dumb. Gone to here and not sure what you mean by Scottish SB ? https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/299-legal/
  7. Afternoon DX100 et Al So home today to another letter. We refer to our response letter 29th August. Copy enclosed. (This was the compo letter with the cheque) Our client blah blah blah. Unless agreement in 14 days instructed to commence court actions etc etc. So now am I being harassed ? or are they entitled to still write to me ? The debt is no longer legally enforcable due to the 20 year prescriptive period. Should I respond or simply ignore now ? I believe if I respond I should refer to Prescripti
  8. Well Well Well. With regard to not hearing anything from Shoosmith, I today had an interesting suprise. Clearly my letters (Mentioned post 91) in December & January were to in effect "turn the heat up" and stall them from trying to proceed any further before my magical 20th anniversary of 20th August which has now passed. today I receive a large letter. Not a demand as you might expect. No finally someone has actually taken the trouble to investigate all of my complaints (Or stalling tactics). Its is a 4 pages long masterpiece.
  9. Hello DX100UK and all observers. I am delighted to announce I have had no further communication from Shoosmiths Todays date is 20th August 2019 That is the 20 year anniversary of the original decree granted at the Scottish sheriff Court on 20th August 1999 The 20 year prescriptive period should kick into force. Celebrate Would any further letters now constitute harrassment ? or does the debt technically still stand but just not enforcable ? They cant seek a new decree ?
  10. Sorry not attempting to be lazy. I keep finding simplistic statements but am unsure as to where I find the actual legislation. Ie embedded somewhere in this beauty http://www.parliament.scot/S5_Delegated_Powers/SB18-22.pdf Or particularly section 7 of this. https://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/1973/52
  11. Hi DX good news in a way. 2 months on and still not answers from them or any demands. Just remind me as in my head my key date is 20th August 2019 That is the 20 year anniversary of the original decree granted at the Scottish sheriff Court. When I was trying originally to avoid the debt by Status Barred rules I was reminded the Decree is subject to a 20 year prescriptive period. If I get to the "magic" date is there a relevant link I can copy the text from that would confirm the debt is no longer enforcable ? Something more substantial than this 1 line statement
  12. Thanks DX. Presumably even the pondlife (Shoosmiths) should address my "points/complaints/concerns" before sending those dogs after me again ?
  13. Just to keep the thread alive. With my letter now at 2 shoosmiths addresses. First sent 10th December and then 25th January. I have had no further communication from them so another 2 months passed.
  14. Okay Thanks DX I have replied as above but more as a reminder for them to address my issues.
  15. Hi Not quite sure why you think the latest letter is significant. However it is now scanned. I do note the previous "hardball" was from edinburgh. This "stuff" is from payments at Northampton. fromshoo0119.pdf
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