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  1. Well i recevied a county court claim today. I phone them and as its in my partners name they preach the data protection, and they have lost our data .God it makes my blood boil But what shall we do.
  2. Just thought id let you know that we recived a county court claim today from Currys I dont know what to do
  3. I do think your right when your saying but the letter is refering to money I owe them. Now i would of thought there first responsiblity was to inform me that ID and bank details had gone been lost
  4. Yeh your proberly right but im so ****ed of with all the messing about and the tv makes to much of buzzing noise Could i not just take the tv back Another thing that worries me is that all my details have been taken and bank details etc have been lost along with 2 signed copies how can the loose them isnt that there money so to speak my signature is the most worrying thing
  5. Hi to every one who reads my post , I could do with a bit of advice with alittle problem i have.Thanks in advance to any replies. My partner and I went to currys to get a plasma tv . we choose one and decided to have it on interset free . The sales guys had real problems sorting the agreement .Printer wouldnt work then computer didnt work youname it, it went wrong. Eventually they got the printer to work and they gave us copy to them to sign and keep . Everything was sorted after about an hour and went away happy with the tv 3 copies of the agreement was printed and signed. 6 weeks pass and no payment taken from our bank account so i say to the wife dont worry they will take it . Very next day we get a letter from DSG Retail Ltd . our finnance company hasnt recived your signed orginal argeement and are unable to process your credit application . they go on to say we have 3 opitions . Provide us with a clear copy of the agreemnet held buy you Pay at the shop . Or contact us on the above number to discuss further opitions . At the bottom of the letter they treaten further action to secure payment What should i do .
  6. I have just gone through my statements and ive added up that capital one charged me £903 .59 over the last five years considering my limit was only ever £400 i think they made a bit of profit. the only thing i dont understand is the interst bit could someone explain it to me Thanks again
  7. Hi Id like introduce myself as ozzie and Im going to try and get back my money from Capital one.Ill study this site and read as much as i can before asking questions but im new to this so it my take a while I have some other issues with other banks but they can wait.I got more charges at my present bank and man it gets you mad it cant cost that much Abbey National are killing me with there charges I recived my statements from C1 today Thanks Ozzie
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