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  1. It's 550 per case if want to be exact. 350 premium if PPI. Payable after the 26th case. I complained after getting a claim from HSBC and they dropped the case. Long shot. IMO. Most of tis claims co are bullies who pray on the weak and hope to get judgments based on folks ignorance or just ignoring the court papers. The more problems you give them they appear to back off. I'm astounded at the lies they come out with on the phone. They're all regulated now by the FCA so throw in formal complaints. Send the final response to FOS. Agree with above, may not save the OP now.
  2. Hi, I've got this co chasing me for £11k Morgan Stanley CC. They don't have any paperwork. I'd question the right to cancel. (1)Where a regulated consumer credit agreement, other than an excluded agreement, has been made, the creditor must give a copy of the executed agreement, and any other document referred to in it, to the debtor. They refer to the cancelation document in the terms, they must send you a copy of this. You could stick it in your defence if they don't send it. Just an idea. If you think the terms aren't enforceable you can complain to the financi
  3. Hi. Particulars are very tricky things to write without legal guidance. IMO. What are you claiming from the bank?
  4. Why did you admit to it so quickly? Have you written to the court to state you cannot afford £100 and supplied your income outgoings etc? There is a court form they send you for these calculations?
  5. Hi. You need to call or email your local councillor and ask them to help you. Do it today and see if they can help you.
  6. Letter today saying case is struck out and the court case on 6th of August is vacated. Looks like a good result. I assume that's it? Can they appeal now? Any advice going forward? Thanks.
  7. Thanks Andy. I'll contact the court tomorrow asking for the strike out and see what happens.
  8. Hi, Allocated yes. Defence filed. Yes. Court date set for 24th August. Court wrote to claimant and defendant requesting defence documents and reply to defence from claimant. Claimant served defence documents only, I wrote to the court requesting reply to defence and didn't serve. Judge wrote to claimant saying serve ref paragraph 4. (Request for reply to defence) by 4pm today or claim will be struck out. That's what the order says. Claimant has sent defence documents again. ( they're don't know what their doing ) I've not been served. Question is: I ca
  9. Hi, Thanks for the reply. Yes I will email the court requesting case to be struck out. The court letter stated this if they didn't serve today. I have a counterclaim and my fixed costs (court fees). I'm just concerned they can go through the process again.
  10. Hi, I have a legal issue with a company that is refusing to serve paperwork in regards to their claim. The judge ordered the claimant to serve a 'reply to the defence' by today or the claim will be struck out. The court or the defendant (my company) have not been served. 1. Can I ask for costs? 2. Can the claimant reissue a new ccj? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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