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  1. Because they refuse to take the readings from me, insisting they will only take them from EDF, but now it has been over a year EDF refuse to resend the readings and FU claim they never received them. Why should I work it out for them and pay it? FU are completely incompetent.
  2. I watched episode 2 of this last night. Very interesting stuff, marketers prey on your primitive fears to make sure you keep spending.
  3. Greetings CAG forum members! I left First utility (FU) last June transferring both fuels to EDF. Before the final bill was due I cancelled the direct debit. In the following few months I chased FU up for a final bill on several occasions, they finally provided one in February 2014 which was based on estimates not the final reads provided to the new supplier. After contacting FU customer services they assured me an accurate bill would arrive with 2 weeks. Fast forward to July 2014 and a debt collection threat based on the estimated bill arrives. After many more calls to customer service, including EDF giving me information to advise FU how to operate their own billing systems , I got a bill yesterday based on the estimated reads. I am close to giving up! Do you think there is a back billing claim to be made here?
  4. Greetings CAG forum members! Back in May I got an email advertising a free trial for TVX and stupidly clicked through and signed up for it, or so I thought. Once I completed the financial details etc. on the form and clicked to proceed there was a short pause then I got an error message. I received no confirmation of any free trial or subscription commencing. I contacted their customer service to clarify what had happened and they said my account was blocked because I had previously registered (many years ago) and they could not verify my details, so I assumed no transaction took place and didn't bother to try again. A few weeks later I noticed a charge for £21.99 on my credit card statement so I called them and initiated a charge back and cancellation of any recurring charges that may follow. I thought that was the end of it, stupid I now know with hindsight! Today I received a letter from RHF productions threatening legal action if I do not pay the balance on my account immediately. I think as I did not receive any confirmation or a copy of the contract T&C's the transaction is in breach of distance selling contract law? I am drafting a letter along those lines now but would really appreciate any advice
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