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  1. it must be halifax what diff does it make who owns it i cant pay it
  2. ive not received any statements at this new address since i moved here in nov 2010 i had my mail on a year long po box so i picked it up at main sorting office where i got default notices and i sent letters telling them of my situation and they both agreed to a pound a month after the year ran out at sorting office i just sent the agreed 1 pund to both rbs address southend and hbos fife ever since ive had nothing here until 2 weeks ago when i got one from moorcroft re rbs which i returned not known at this address then the other day from westcott which id ripped open so i could not sent it back instead i sent a pound to the original b o s address in fife
  3. but dont i have to keep paying a pound? forever? will the debts ever get written off? theres no way i lever be able to pay them off
  4. the debt is halifax first went to albion collections then blair oliver scott now westcott why does it keep moving
  5. so what do i do now? just continue to pay a 1 pound to both? but do i pay the pound to bos or westcott?
  6. i owe 1,700 to rbs again i have been paying 1 pound using my old address by sending it before due date as no statements about 2 weeks ago i got a letter from moorcroft? who? saying they are wroking on behalf of rbs i wrote not known at this address and out it back in the post i take it they got my details off electoral roll which i did not want to be on but a lasy kept coming to the door saying its law to be on the electoral roll ive not had another letter from moorcroft since i posted it back touch wood
  7. doi continue paying a pound to blair oliver scott? as that is who i have paud for over 3 years does anyone know why it has suddenly gone to wescott? could they take me to court? they are wasting their time as i cannot pay ore than a pound a month
  8. i dont think i have many statements i did have when i was at the previous address and i was paying 350 a month but since i moved i did not forward my mail to new address for the past 3 and bit years ive had no statements i had my mail set up for 1 year to collect at post office so wife would not see mail and halifax would not know new address nowadays i just send off the 1 pound a month to bo s but not sent anything for three months now i get this westcott letter i dont think i have any charges its been 15, 120 for ages i did write to them saying im jobless and they agreed to 1 a month i dare not look at my credit report i just hope they dont turn up here
  9. so there not baliffs? can i send the letter back as not know at this address?
  10. what do i do if i get another letter? will they turn up on my doorstep
  11. i dont think i have any ppi charges if i get another letter cant i just put not known at this address and send it back?
  12. hello im new to all this and not sure where to start ive been in financial trouble and been unbale to pay my halifax credit card i currently owe them 15,120 33 p until 4 years ago i was paying them 350 a month but i lost my job and home so was unable to pay it i did write to halifax and it was agreed at first i paid 20 a month then for the last 3 years ive been paying 1 pound a month when i moved house i did not tell them my new address scared they would come after me i never told my wife about this debt ive been paying like a said a 1 for nearly 4 years they have defaulted my credit rating at first i got letters from halifax then it seemed to have been passed on to albion collections for 6 months then for the last 3 years blair oliver scott i continued paying 1 pound by putting a pound in a bubble wrap envelop using my old address i know silly but im so scared of letters coming to new address council housed me i continued to write a letter once a month to them with pound enclosed with old address at top of letter and remebering when its due on monday i got a letter at my new address from a company called wescot debt collectors saying i have to pay in full 15,120 in 10 days to avoid further action i was so shocked i ripped it up and threw it in the bin then i wrote a letter with old address at top of page as normal sending a pound to balir oliver scott not wescot how have they found me? are they fishing? have they looked on electoral roll? if i get further letters do i put not known at this address and send it back in post? is it because i have not paid the agreed pound for 3 months? what are my rights? i cannot pay this off i have no assets or savings will they keep sending me letters? terrified wife will get post would they come knocking on my door? surely many people have the same name surely they cannot be sure im the correct brian? i dont want debt collectors/baliffs on my doorstep can they take me to court? do they have to prove im the right man? im scared i cant afford to clear this debt ever why has my debt been passed from one debt collector to another sorry about all this please can you help brian
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