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  1. hi new poster.i had recently signed up to a DAS (JANUARY 2014)creditor is Marlin who bought off clydesdale debt. I am paying £400 a month to clear it but i had an earnings arressment in place that should have been stopped but wasn't. It was for £138 a month so i was in effect paying £538 a month which was seriously affecting quality of life and limiting expenditure severely. Last month I pointed out arrestment still in place to DAS administrators and they said they would contact Marlin on my behalf. Marlin agreed to send back these overpayments and told administrators it would take 2 weeks. 3 weeks later not a sausage so contacted administrators who were given runaround again.finally got this from administrators today"I explained that you have entered into a DAS and any funds taken from you after the DAS was set up outside of the arrangement needs to be refunded. The refund amount in question being £521.20. I advised that we called them on 26th June & 14th July and have not received the refund yet. I said I also called yesterday but received no reply. It appears that we have been incorrectly updated when I previously called Marlin, as they have today said there is currently an ongoing query on this account. They said they are querying the refund request to find the correct course of action & are currently awaiting a response from original creditor Clydesdale. They said the account is on hold in the meantime. I asked them for a time frame however they could not provide this. I asked whether this could be treated as a matter of urgency as you are expecting the refund and were previously advised it would take a matter of days. They confirmed this matter is already being treated urgently & they are currently liaising with the original creditor to find an outcome. I am sorry that they did not advise us of this previously. Marlin said they would raise this as a training issue at their end. The Creditor Team at Wilson Andrews will continue to monitor this & will be calling Marlin back to make sure this is resolved as soon as possible."the administrators are doing their best for me but i wonder if anyone can advise on my next action?thanks
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