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  1. very helpful t18con! Thought this was a forum for consumers. I have not made one complaint in my post. It is a query. For the record, they have not 'shafted' me. they were very professional and helpful. It is the concept of what has been obtained that is in point. any helpful replies would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Hi, being new to the forum I hope I am not opening a thread that has been dealt with before. Anyway, I used a PPI claims company to submit a claim to Lloyds on my behalf for PPI repayment. they were very good and managed to secure a total of over £8000 including interest. Under their terms of business, I was to pay them a no win no fee, fee of 12.5% of monies reclaimed plus VAt. I have no problem with that and agree I signed a contract to this effect and am happy to pay them. However, they have charged me a fee on the simple interest paid by Lloyds, as required by the FSO, on the moni
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