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  1. That's up to the retailer to prove it was damaged by the customer, not the other way round... this is why we have Laws that protect the vulnerable consumers. challenging on grounds of principle is paramount to civil society
  2. Valid point - in hindsight i would have checked. i had no doubt that there would be faulty with a product i brought from a reputeble company, if it was from a online retailer or ebay maybe i would have done so ASAP. Since my last samsung tv purchased from Currys was still working, i wanted to get all the accessories before i placed the new one in.
  3. what does 'simply using chargeback or section 75' mean? excuse my lack of knowledge...
  4. We waited until the Sunday 13th (world cup final) to open the box and view the final on our new TV, my family (brothers/mum) present.
  5. thanks for your reply. I paid using finance plan (buy now and pay within 6 months). and yes, you are right about managers knowing the basic laws regarding consumer rights..
  6. I recently brought a samsung 55" tv from Currys (Perry Barr, Birmingham UK), I did not open the box as i wanted to purchase all the other components such as stand, speakers etc. I opened the new TV after 30 days later to my utter surprise to find the screened was damaged/faulty. I took the TV back to the store and was first told by the manager there was nothing Currys could do about it since the 21 days has elapsed. I was not happy about it after 2nd visit , now they say they need to speak to the legal team before they can give me answer as to what can
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