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  1. Hi. I have just logged on and have been able to cancel the court action. Car being collected tonight. Thank you once again.
  2. Good evening to you all. I have just received all my money back into my bank account, after some sleepless nights my nightmare seems to be over, thank you all for your help & support. Lloyd.
  3. Thank you once again for your help. The dealer has me questioning my own decision to take this route of action, he has kind of implied that if I don't take his offer things could get dragged out for years. If I accept the refund & deliver the car back to him my total expenses will be £910 with breakdown cost, vehicle diagnostic & car transporter to deliver back to him. Actually as I write this reply I think I have made my mind up to refuse & continue on the small claims I have logged already, I do not feel it fair I should be out of pocket at all. Th
  4. Hello there. I just need some help with a question relating to this thread. I have now started the small claims court process however out of nowhere the seller has now offered me a refund, he is only offering back the money for the car & not my expenses, which if I return the car will be somewhere in the region of £750. If I decline his offer of the refund as I do not feel this is fair as he should have fully disclosed all faults with vehicle & not place mis-leading information on the advert, I feel he should collect the car at his expense and give the refund
  5. Progress at present is slow, letter has been sent to trader outlining the issues with the car, I have had 3 quotes locally to fix the car which I have sent off. The info you have just provided is priceless to me at this time, thank you so much for sharing, I really am entering a world I know nothing about. Sent with thanks. Lloyd
  6. Thank you all for your helpful comments. Looks like I have a lot of research to do here on line. I did know about 'distance selling' or 'consumer regulations' until now so thank you all for your help. I have the car booked into my local garage this morning so I will then find out what the costs involved are. Once again everyone thank you. Lloyd.
  7. Hi thank you for responding. Ebay item number 271541731453. The car was not sold as spares or repair or scrape. Thanks.
  8. I will keep this as brief as poss..... I bought a car through Ebay, I went to the persons house test drove the car it was fine, handed over the cash, drove down the road approx 20 miles and the car broke down, I called the seller, who came to meet me and after a long very heated and difficult conversation including calling the Police, he would not agree to give me my money back or offer a repair. I managed to get the car working again drove off only to completely brake down after approx 10 mins, I called the AA who attended and discovered that the cars engine management systems had certain
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