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  1. I received a letter last Thursday (4/6) in regards to my OH stating they though he was being overpayed WTC and to send in wage slips from April 14 to April 15 so out came the printer and we printed them off and sent them signed for on the Thursday ( as they give you a month deadline in their horribly worded letter of threat). On the Friday i checked and the half a ream of pages had been signed for at 7.22am so off i poped and called them, after a 45 min lovely singalong to their dreadful muzak o was answered and told that they didnt have them (wrongo, i can see you do) So promptly told him who had singed them and when and provided the tracking number which he then declared they did have them but due to a huge backlog (Your own fault for demanding huge amounts of records off people you have no evidence on). Said callcenter lacky then said they would not stop my payments as i had sent the proof in (so kind.....). I was then informed i would be looking at around a 4-8 weeks wait (so we are told a strict timescale but they can pick and choose them). Yesterday i called again and was shocked by the immediate answer (because their systems were down) and i have called again this morning and was told once again they have a backlog (yes we know, your eyes seem bigger than your belly) and my documents have not even been scanned yet but not to worry as they will send me a letter on completion (oh they dont know me, ill be calling everyday). In short im being accused (Rather my OH is) of claiming erroneously when they have no proof as it has not happened, i inform them on any change so i thought i would share my journey here as im always reading your posts and any suggestions are greatly received. Thanks
  2. Thanks for the input, so far my jar have also responded and i have found out i incurred 50 pound in late charges on that too, i know it will take a while but at the time due to my mental health i thought it was my only option. Unfortunatly now i see how much ive paid its a big gut wrenching.
  3. Ok so after reading this forum for ages i have decided its time to do something, for about 2 years on and off myself and my partner became reliant on Payday lender. Over the last few years we have managed to pay all bar 4 back (3 of which are on my dmp the other being mobile money) What i want to do now is claim back any i can for irresponsible lending but am not too sure where to start, so far i have contacted a few and asked for a loan history off them which they are said to be emailing but any help off you all would be appreciated, so far contacted - Uncle buck (who have already sent me it) - wonga - myjar - quickquid (who apparently i have to write via snail mail) and wageday advance. What then is claimable, i know the charges are but i know on a few i deferred alot too as i was stupidly trying to ignore the problem. Thank you.
  4. Reading through o was thinking of doing the same as both myself and my partner over the last 5 years have had ALOT of payday loans, although i have paid them all back now i had alot of charges through default ect. I wondered though what i need to do this as i dont have the bank account i used anymore so have no access to statments ect to show payments made. Any help would be greatly received
  5. Hi all, i usually read the forums but dont post but i got a letter you might all be interested in this morning, i have received a letter from Wonga this morning re: historical debt collection practice. I have had the usual "you were affected" emails ect but this one actually offers compensation and refund. Its a low offer of £56 pound but they are also enclosing forms to request an individual assessment where they are asking what difficulty you incurred ect because of this, evidence of other loans i had to get out due to pay them back. I was at one point in deep to payday lenders and have in majority paid them back (one still on my dmp) so was wondering if you guys think i should accept the offer.
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