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  1. Sorry its took me a while to reply but my husband spent a few days in hospital with a suspected heartattack which turned out to be stress related and sky high blood pressure so just an update on what is happening. I've sent letters and emails to CEO the FCA to complain. two weekends now including this morning they sent a member of the staff to my door from the shop asking if my partner was coming in to pay. he told them he will be paying the £53 but couldn't pay for the monthly items as we are struggling to pay or bring them up to date and offered £30 per month on the monthly plus the normal weekly payment for the other stuff. they have refused a lower payment offer again and want it brought up to date. I think now its going to get worse and more home visits.
  2. Just a quick update. Today one of the BrightHouse staff came knocking asking my husband when he will be paying his £53 plus £200 we are in arrears with and charges. he said he'll be into store tomorrow but can only pay the £53. his other 3 items he paid monthly on but since we've lost the tax credits and are awaiting on an appeal for his dla we can't pay full amount and are going to offer to pay £100 per month on those other 3 items plus pay the weekly £53 we pay. They're are going to hit the roof no doubt when he only pays £53 tomorrow. we won't be giving the stuff back as we've paid a lot out and a couple finish in a few weeks. be glad to pay every penny back and be done with. Also how do I go about getting charges and insurance back as at one time we had all that before we got our own insurance as I'd like to try.
  3. Thank you all so much. has stopped us worrying a little knowing they don't do court as we don't want our stuff being took from us after paying on some for 2 year. I just wish they would allow us to pay the £53 and a little extra from the £200 arrears but they just won't have it. Dreading them banging on our door though and hope they don't do as they say they will and inform our neighbours.
  4. Thank you all for the advice myself and especially my partner don't want it ending up in court and we get our goods taken from us after all the money he has paid over. we do have the five star service but that is compulsory and they tell you that it cannot be removed. insurance/dlc can be which we don't have anyway but the five star package you have to keep or customer is not allowed to take product. We don't want our goods taken by the courts and that is why we offered a small amount extra each week along with the £53 he pays but we can't make £200 up straight they won't accept it and want the whole £200 plus charges. we are so scared that they get to take our things and its taking its toll on my partners health. he is a 61 yr old man with health problems to begin with and we sure don't want our neighbours being told out personal finances. I'm in tears writing this as we don't know what to do. wish we had never got involved with this shop.
  5. Please help. My partner is in 4 weeks arrears of £200 due to losing tax credits. he has offered to pay extra on top of what he normally pays but they won't accept his offer and its putting us in more debt due to their charges on top. hes worried sick and suffers from health problems and is awaiting on his medical for him to stay on his ESA and this is making his health worse as we can't make that £200 up on top of the £53 he already pays per week. then we have other bills. We don't have their insurance as have our own but they're now threatening to come into our home and tell the neighbours about us not paying and they want to take our goods which we've been paying on for over a year and some 2 year and we can't do without the washing machine. I don't want to lose our things.we just want to arrange to pay a bit of arrears back on top of the weekly payment even if it does leave us without.
  6. Why should you be forced to take there 5 star service when you have your own home insurance. would this then be classed as miss selling? hope so as its made items even higher and on longer terms. I have a laptop which thank fully finishes this year. Anyway the frame around the screen has cracked and is coming apart so I contacted them explaining this and they told me to bring it in and they'll send it for repair. I asked them for a loan one whilst its being repaired and they said they can't do that as the loan one is out and they only have one loan laptop in each store. I've just looked at there site and it states 'loan products when required" I still haven't handed it in as its the only thing I have for my online course so I can't be without a computer.
  7. My credit limit is £150 I got a cash advance on the 17th June. I then paid on the 9th July £147.17 as that was what I used on card so paid in full. my next payment I used £149.94 so I paid that in full through on phone to them on the 5th Aug. I still seem to be in debt with them of £72.68 according to the balance carried forward. I am literally confused as I thought if I paid in full what I use each month I'd owe nothing.
  8. I was charged £48 today for an unauthorised OD charge which was meant to be in June. I have looked at my statements online and can't see anything. what gets me is if I haven't got money in my account why do the bank allow a customer to go over. I really needed that money today.
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