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  1. hello everyone. I started a new job a few months ago (service technician). my contract states that I must repay all costs of training including any wages paid and expenses. the first three months were a trial/ probationary period. on my fist week they asked me if I would like to go on a manufacturer specific 3 day course. I said (I have the email) that this course would not be of any benefit to the company and I didn't want to do it. they said they wanted me to do it so I did. anyway within the three month period I decided to leave as I didn't like the job. my notice period was 1 month but the boss asked me to work longer and and also train up another engineer before I leave. I worked 6 weeks notice. now that I have gotten my pay check they have deducted 850pounds for training costs. (cost of course plus wages plus hostel plus expences) can anyone please inform me if they are correct in taking this money. despite the fact that it was a course I didn't want to do isn't it true that on probationary period that no obligations apply? any help I would really appreciate. thank you.
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