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  1. I received a letter from CEL today via recorded delivery to say they are withdrawing their case against me!!!. I will be contacting the court shortly to make sure this is definitely the case and get some sort of written confirmation. Thank you all for your help guys, i really appreciate it! I must say i have been really stressed about it all and was dreading going to court however i felt i had to stand up against a company that bullies, lies and harasses people to take money off them. I would suggest that everybody fight them My battle against this company has only just begun. Their is no way they should be allowed to operate as they are doing and intimidate the most vulnerable people into parting with their hard earned cash..
  2. Thanks for that! I've put my defense together with a bit of help from a friend of mine, the info you've given me and some info from the net. Have got it sent off aswell so just going to wait and see what happens now..
  3. I am now trying to put my defense together but honestly do not know where to start. Could someone please help me?? I've written emails and as yet have no reply's from anyone so do not know what to write in my defense and how to write it.
  4. Just had a look. Unfortunately can't get into the car park with Google maps, can just see the entrance of the car park and a bit of it from a distance, 639 Roundhay Road Oakwood LS8 4BA. I'll have to try something else..
  5. I've just driven to the car park. They've got these big white signs absolutely everywhere, you can't miss the bloody things! I should've taken pictures a year ago because i can remember their being much smaller signs and a lot less of them. At the time i turned to Google and the vast majority of the advice i found said to just ignore all incoming mail from CEL which i followed to the tee:|. I'm sure CEL has learnt from other cases and is trying to sort itself out. I'm worried i may not have a defense now..
  6. I honestly cannot remember, i can remember it being a few weeks later but i didn't write down any dates
  7. Thanks for your quick response guys, i've attached the N1. I haven't got any correspondence from them, i threw it all away only recently during a clean-up thinking i had heard the last of it. I feel like such an idiot but I've never even received a ticket before and must admit have been slightly careless this time. It happened on 12/01/13, it's an ANPR and i can remember getting a letter through the post a few weeks later. Yesterday when i received the letter i honestly thought about paying it and getting it over with, i only changed my mind after thinking about the lies and tricks CEL uses to con people (creating fake names to deceive and threaten people is just one of them). I honestly cannot believe Co Op deal with such companies, i definitely won't be shopping there again! Charging shoppers for spending too long inside the supermarket BUYING THINGS, that is insanity! Especially considering you can park about 200 cars in that car park and their are never more than 20 or so cars in there at any one time.. Ok, so now that i've got that out of my system what i need to do next is: 1) Send back the acknowledgment form stating that i am defending in full 2) Start preparing my defence by taking pictures of signage and make a note of their height from the ground and their size 3) Write to Co Op and ask them for the contract that gives CEL the right to take legal action in their own name and that it was in force at the time (give them 14 days to send this) I don't know how to put a defense together on paper but i honestly am so angry at the letters that CEL sent me and the dirty tactics they use that i am willing to fight this all the way.
  8. Hi guys, I got a ticket from Civil Enforcement last year. I have since been following the popular advice online and have ignored all correspondence with them from all the dirty tactics they were using by switching names in every letter (and using names of fake solicitors companies) and their heavily threatening letters. However, i now have what appears to be a genuine County Court Claim from Northampton county council, with what appears to be a genuine seal and claim number (sticker)! They claim I was parked for 2 hours and 16 minutes in a co-op car park where the limit was 2 hours. I honestly do not know if i was even ever there. The crazy thing is this car park can hold approximately 200 cars and there are no more than 20 or so cars in there at any one time. I have 4 drivers on my insurance policy (i know, but insurance isn't exactly cheap nowadays ) and none of them could even remember being there at the time, at the time i felt hard done by, i turned to Google and ignored all correspondence from CEL. What do i do next?? I'm really panicking here. I've read these letters through and they really don't make any sense to me at all. I've got 2 peach letters from the court with one titled ' N1 Claim Form' and the other 'Particulars of Claim'. And also a response pack which has an 'Aknowledgement of service form', a 'Defence and Counterclaim form', and an 'Admission' form.
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