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  1. Yeah, DPF. I worry about regenerating it myself as it could cong out and leave me stranded miles away from home . .
  2. I've heard that. The problem has only started since we moved and changed our driving habits - less motorway driving now. I am surprised there is no comeback for dealers. I was thinking about webuyanycar . .
  3. Hi, I've been having issues with my car for a while now and it's newest fault is the filter - £1700 to replace! The garage has cleaned it, but there is no guarantee it will last. I therefore want to get rid of the car asap. If I sell it or part exchange it with a dealer, can they come back to me weeks later when they spot the problem and demand I fix or pay for it? The filter may be fixed there is no guarantee . . Another option I have is to voluntarily cancel the contract with the car finance people. I have to wait 5 more months to do this. Can they charge
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