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  1. Ok I will dig it all out this weekend. Can I scan it to you securely? And to think, I thought I was alone with this. Too scared to look at the Swift Forums........ .. but I think I ought to. Thank you for answering x
  2. I will get the paperwork out this weekend and let you know what it says about the interest. If my memory serves me correctly, the interest rate is 12% I asked if the could reduce it some years ago, to be in line with the Bank of England and they said that they are not regulated by the Bank of England, that they have their own regulations. I originally owed money to Swift finance. In short Blemain took over that loan, one condition was to take out PPI, which I did when I needed it for an injury they said I wasn't covered. I was in arrears some more tha
  3. What can we do about Blemain, they have caused so much suffering and hardship and they just keep going. I don't wAnt to pay them £38k on a £10k loan, please tell me what I can do to stop this. Is there anybody that has broken free? If so please tell me how, tell us all how? Anita South London
  4. The same thing has happened to me, I took out a £10K secured loan, paid back £15K and they say I owe them £23K. What can we do?? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Regards. Anita South London.
  5. I took out a 10K secured loan with Blemain Finance and have paid back approximately £15K so far. I am not in arrears, I too was unable to work, due to an injury they said that my PPI did not cover me. I ask for the £2,500 PPI back and they said they could only give me back £500.00 which went towards my arrears at that time. My statement reads that I now owe them £23K? I do not know what to do... . why have they allowed my loan to spiral out of control and how are they doing it. What can I do to reduce what I owe. I feel stuck betwe
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