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  1. Dear all, The Friday before last (4/7/2014) I went to make a debit card payment for dinner with clients and the transaction declined. I checked my account on my phone (Barlcays App) and my two barclays personal accounts (current and premier) 4 savings accounts and 2 business accounts were collectively showing to be overdrawn by £5,000,000. On 7/7/2014 all available funds in the account were sent to reconcile to Coventry OPS 05 ADV. I logged a formal complaint on (4/7/2014) and after countless calls to customer service advisors who gave excuses ranging from a technical error to an account review and no resolution I sent an email to senior executive at Barclays. Later that day I was contacted by a member of the Barclays customer relations team at their Head Office in Canary which was on Thursday of last week (10/7/14) however he has not been of much help at all, he has not provided any clarity as to what is going on or any time frames as to when I can expect to have my funds released. I have gained an understanding myself and believe it is a Suspicious Activity Report (SAR) that has been filed to the National Crime Agency (NCA) or similar however I have nothing to hide and although its been a good year for business everything is above board and I do not understand why they can't simply ask me for clarity... This freeze on my accounts/blocking of funds is causing serious problems for me and those dependant on me/my business. I was wondering if anyone has experienced a similar situation and if so when the issue was resolved and if there is anything I can do to speed up the process or any other information that might be helpful. It's so frustrating being in the dark and having hard earned money taken away from you with no explanation ! Thanks.
  2. Hi Callum, The exact same has happened to me on 7/7/2014 with all my funds being sent to Coventry OPS 05 ADV and business/personal accounts overdrawn by up to £1M each. Reading your posts the process seems to be almost identical too and I am now in touch with a customer relations advisor at the Head Office. As you will know they are not at all forth coming with information and it just seems to be a waiting game. Can you please advise how your issue was resolved at last and what the time frame was? Today is the 7th working day since my funds went to Coventry OPS 05 ADV if I count the day when the funds were transferred out of my account , if I count the following day as the first day then tomorrow will be 7 full working days. I also had some other payments come in over the course of this week of around £5000 which today were again transferred to Coventry OPS 05 ADV. It's all getting extremely worrying. Any help will be highly appreciated. Thanks.
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