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  1. Ha! the one post that might of actually helped the guy has been deleted! I wasn't referring to everyone one this forum as I did state there are some genuine comments which help, but rainbow tears even you can't totally disagree with what i am saying
  2. Could anyone please private message me if they have experience on a situation like this
  3. I would appreciate any advice on this as i am in a similar situation
  4. Thanks for everyones comments and suggestions, some very strong points that I hadnt thought about. I will have to see and wait if I hear anything from them and deal with it accordingly. Thanks
  5. It was the police that stopped me. He had a badge but it all happened quite quickly. I dont see it requiring legal representation as there is nothing in my opinion a solicitor will say that is going to help the case. I will just have to admit, put my hands up and accept the fine and conviction.
  6. Also, to help others in this same situation I am going to document the whole process from start to finish including the hearing in court.
  7. I forgot to add that even though I buy my travel cards through South West Trains, it was TFL that caught me.
  8. Hello all, New member here and am happy I have found this site, some very interesting articles and topics with great advice. I have worked in London for many years now and have always purchased a travel card. Last week, I found a freedom pass on the floor of my local station. Over the course of 4 days admittedly used it a small number of times as I was intrigued about what it was and hadn't actually heard of one before, but my intention was not to keep it. At the same time, I also buy a weekly travel card each week. When I used the pass, I had a weekly travel card valid for zones 1-6, so even though I used it, I wasn't trying to evade my fare. I am not going to dribble off a load of poor excuses like I have seen in other threads as its just embarrassing. I left my travel card at home on Monday (the last weeks travel card still being active as it expired at the end of the day on Monday) and used the Freedom Pass. While doing so, an inspector caught me at the gates. I do not need to be lectured on what a freedom pass is or the moral ethics of using one, but I genuinely was not using it to evade the fare as in my eyes I had already paid for a ticket even though I didnt have one on me. Bottom line is the guy questioned me and I admitted that it wasnt mine and he wrote a few things down and said TFL will be in touch. So the prosecutors there have got a straight confession. I thought it better to be honest than lie and be awkward. I want to ask advice on how I should present my plea and some ideas of what it could include? I have managed to coup together three months worth of my travel cards and have the receipts and also every transaction made to South West trains for my travels by the way of bank statements. I have many many receipts dating back months that I could present. I am hoping this will show that I am honest and never try evade my fares. I also have a valid ticket that was bought last week that was valid on the day I was caught using the freedom pass. These are the only two things that I have a leg to stand on as I am aware that TFL are very strict when it comes to Freedom passes, but this is the best shot in my opinion of getting an out of court settlement. Any advice would be massively appreciated as I am very nervous and worried about the outcome of this situation. Thanks
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