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  1. I only sent the cca request to BC. havent heard anything. i sent the sar at the same time but to a different dept. the royal mail tracking system shows both being delivered and signed for by the same person.
  2. Todays letter was....as we have not been able to contact you, we will be referring your account to the home visit team to discuss payment options. What do I make of this?
  3. This is not on my credit file and never has been. It was a credit card for a business account although my name still appears on the statements alongside the trading name
  4. So for barclays whats the next step in retrieving the money owed to them?
  5. you're saying forget about the money I owe these people(Barclays) and wait for them to come and collect my posessions? Other than payment - and I really am trying to negotiate a percentage that favours me - there is no other option on the table? I can't dispute what I owe barring the charges. I can't question whether the debt is mine as I know it is. Give me some options here people.
  6. I contacted natwest who basically said my only option would be to contact barclays and have it reversed. I wasn't prepared to do this
  7. Wescott say they are acting on behalf of barclays (their letters have become a bit more friendly). Buchanan and wells ( as previously mentioned )refers to an old debt that has just crept up also by barclays. this relates to my overdraft I had with them and is for a minimal amount so may just pay this? I have no idea how long its been since I defaulted on the account in question but it may be about 9 months. I accidentally made a payment on this account about 3 weeks ago (I mistook the account for 1 of my others). Please advise
  8. I'm hoping to put barcalys in the past and avoid the constant calls and texts that are on a daily basis right now. I dont enjoy the thought that these clowns could randomly show up at my property with their demands and really just want to put this behind me. i understand sometimes i need a bit of reighning in but really impatient
  9. I'm going to offer to pay 20% of the debt. Any templates hanging about for the F&F letter?
  10. This does not appear on my credit file. I use noddle - as its free. are experian etc more detailed or are they all the same?
  11. Hi all! I'm very impatient and would like to get this debt out of my hair. Would it be wise to submit an offer to Barclays at this point in time? the debt is with a different company at the moment(buchanan and wells) if i recall correctly.
  12. Natwest kind of made it clear that the ball was in barclays court with that random payment. I have written it off and learned a valuable lesson from it. This evening I will have some time to comb through the documents from documents so expect many questions in relation to those.
  13. Will have a look when I return this evening and report back. All that said... is the next step to write a letter offering a sort of settlement?
  14. When submitting the SAR I was hoping for information on the credit card account(business-sole trader) with the outstanding balance. Instead I have here information relating to my old current account and no information on the account in question(unless I've missed something). I have had only a brief read through.
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