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  1. I just assumed it had to be sent so it puts it in dispute.
  2. I have the 12+2 letter ready just in case they don't get the agreement.
  3. I heard back from marlin after sending them a CCA but all it said was they have contacted Lloyds for a statement of account and a copy of the agreement.
  4. I'm just getting the CCA and the SAR letters sorted and hopefully both will be posted soon
  5. Sorry about that, wasn't thinking. thanks for the link
  6. sorry to be a nuisance but is this the correct template letter for a credit card? removed Thanks again
  7. I've never sent a CCA for this account or SAR for any account.
  8. The account marlin says they now own is for a credit card I got back in 2003. Thanks again
  9. They want me to set up payments with them but I haven't yet until I did some checking on who they were. I've just found another thread that's similar to my problem and it was suggested sending a CCA and a SAR. Is this worth doing in my situation or is it best just to make arrangements with them? Thanks again
  10. Thanks for that. I just found it strange how it happened out of the blue and I had heard nothing from Lloyds.
  11. Hi all, A couple of years ago you helped me get a couple of Lloyds accounts sorted so one in in dispute and the other two are on payment plans. (I've had to re register as I couldn't remember log in details) The two on payment plans arranged with Lloyds have been getting paid each month at the reduced amount and never been missed but out of the blue I've had a letter from Marlin saying they now own one of the accounts and I've to deal with them and not Lloyds. Has anyone had this before and can they do this? I am in Scotland just in case that makes any difference Thanks in advance
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