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  1. Thanks for the info both. Did originally construct a letter doing both but changed my mind in order to keep it simple. Presume this is still okay though? Alternative address is legit.
  2. Also if I provide them with an alternative address, are they likely to keep chasing the registered keeper address. My dad really doesn't want the hassle.
  3. Advice required please. I was using my dad's car and overstayed my 2 hours on a FREE retail car park. Obviously, it's my dad who received the speculative invoice for £50/£100 and is keen to pay it. I have offered to contest it for him but it's complicated my the fact I am not the registered keeper. What is the current likelihood of success? Is Not a Genuine Pre-estimate of Loss defence successful these days? To me it's certainly unreasonable. Would you advise them of the actual driver? Or just keep it generic? We have the same surname i.e. Mr XXXXX The letter states £300 as a result of not paying. Would this be an accurate figure if it did/didn't go to court? Thanks.
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